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News Archive 2014 / Site Update March 26, 2014
« on: March 26, 2014, 01:06:37 am »
Greetings all,

I apologize if your getting 404 right now but we are having major technical issues which is causing a lot of issues. Some of us have access while others are still not getting access. I will update this topic when it's fixed but I've had to call in for outside help to fix this as it's slightly out of my own league as of this moment.

Once I have more information, I will post it but I do happen to know where the issue is occurring, it's just not very easy to fix.

Chris N

Old Topics / Sacking of New Romulus
« on: January 25, 2014, 10:40:27 pm »
(Note, this will be a short holodeck mission which will tie into an official mission in SFI.)

[Space, New Romulus System T Plus Five Hours and Twenty Seven Minutes]

The space around New Romulus was calm, too calm for what had started over five hours ago in the distance systems along the Katorlian - Romulan boarders. The calm within the system was about to change for the worse within the next minute because of the actions of the New Romulus Government and their allies attack on those systems. No warning could prepare them or the two starfleet officers, both of whom were being held captive for different reasons on the surface. One was being tortured mentally and somewhat physically and the other was being contained after learning and seeing it.

Just as the space lighted up with unknown generated portals opening up everywhere, thousands of small fighter like crafts, followed by hundreds of smaller to medium size ships and several larger ships appeared within the system from the portals firing on the defensive platforms and romulan ships in orbit, both cloaked and decloaked. The Katorlian second fleet had arrived finally and they wanted vengenance for the attack on their colony boarder worlds that had been attacked.

In total, excluding the fighters, the total fleet size gather was staggering at just over three hundred and fourty two vessels. The larger of the vessels slowed down to a crawl which included one mothership, and the thirty five battleships, allowing the battlecruisers, small and medium cruisers, and corvette to provide protection for them. Due to the surprise of the attack, it caught the defending Romulans off guard allowing an tactical advange for the Katorlian fleet.

While the fleets were engaging each other, elsewhere on the planet, several wings of the fighters had broken through and past the orbital defenses and were attacking military and government points while covert operatives and shock troopers were hitting ground facilities to capture high profile targets. This battle would continue for hours but one notable thing notice was that the Katorlian weren't aiming for civilian targets or facilities as best as they could.

Tag: Archangel, Kirok, and anyone on the Discovery whom gets alerted to the battle now taking place.

Website & Forum Discussion archive / Theme Development for 2.1.x Series
« on: January 25, 2014, 03:41:47 am »

I have access to the next smf version of the forum software that is currently under heavy development. Alpha Stage to be exact. After doing some testing, yes I have it loaded up somewhere on the Shadow fleet domain, I've can say for sure it's going to be a good upgrade. Sadly, it will mess with us some due to them changing the Theme coding from XHTML/CSS to HTML5/CSS.

Therefore, since I am being generous and really haven't done much coding in the last few months except trying to force php and mysql to get along, I am in need of some help to develop a theme that will be used when the software becomes more stable.

If you wish to help, please reply here. Note, HTML5, CSS, and some javascript knowledge is advised. I think their is some ajax in it too. I don't have much knowledge in ajax or JScript and it's been a while since I've dealt with full type of html of any time. CSS I've messed with recently with php5.

Along this note, most of our current mods for the forums will become obsolete.


Website & Forum Discussion archive / Outgoing emails (fixed)
« on: January 10, 2014, 11:59:51 am »
Greetings all,

As of 4:30 AM Central Timezone US, the email system has return to operating with outgoing emails. As of this moment, if you are registered with a hotmail, yahoo, or any email provider except for, you will be getting your mail. Gmail has decided to do a temporary block of receiving mail from the server for an unknown period of time.

As this is a temporary block, I can't actually get them to unblock it until it becomes a perm block. Please also give a round of thanks to Mr. Christian Grix who's providing a great deal of help and found several topics that helped me to fix it once the error the server was giving off was isolated.

PS: You can ask anyone who I was in contact with earlier this morning, that I was very close to falling asleep. I only managed six hours of sleep from then to now.


Old Topics / Recruitment - Gabriel Arthur
« on: January 06, 2014, 06:00:38 pm »
[Space, edge of the Alteran Nebula]

A few moments ago, the Delphia running silent on barely any power near the Alteran Nebula, detected the Discovery dropping to impulse power in system on passive sensors. Noting that they had just gotten some new upgrades including a sensor one that would eventually detect them but with some difficulties. Hopefully they would figure out to go to silent running due to the possible hostiles in the area.

[Bridge, A few moments later]

"Sir," a young crewman spoke up, "Discovery has detected us and have went to silent running. There five minutes from transporter range a current speeds."

"Good good, inform the Discovery that I wish to speak with the Command staff and one other. Commander Kirok should understand." John spoke up. He was currently still recovering from the injuries sustained during the sneak attack on him when they were approaching a circle on the Acmar system.

The injuries were painful and he wasn't suspose to be doing anything stressful or it would be longer that he would be out of commission and possible locked inside a forcefield until Meadows has cleared him fit for duty. Sometimes he really though she was very over protective of him and he had some protectiveness to her as well. John just didn't understand his feelings so well.

"Discovery has responded and copies."

Tag: Kirok, Revek, and Gabriel.

Website & Forum Archive / Alpha-Beta Quadrant Starcharts for Shadow Fleet
« on: December 30, 2013, 01:02:46 am »
Greetings everyone,

I am currently working on the starchart for the Alpha-Beta Quadrant. Note this starchart wasn't original made by me but I have modified it to add in certain areas pertaining to the fleet. Currently, I don't know the location of the Task groups Starbase so I left it off for now. If anyone has a location of which system it's near, I will add it on.

This map has been updated with the following information. Some of it still under construction as I add in the planets and nebula of a few certain species.

Katorlian Imperial Domain (I just outlined the areas of their domain and what planets were already there. New planets like Orbis will appear eventually.)
Anditia System
Aether System
Kennedy Base Location

Information still needed

Location of New Iconia
Task Group Alpha and Beta starbase locations
Recently introduced allied or hostile enemies that are not really cannon.

Credits for the original map goes to:

All modifications have been made by me to help keep track of were everything is. Also the mysterious K Nebula Cluster which is home to the Katorlian is located between Anditia System and the Alpha Sigma system. Note the system Kantro is in the center of the nebula and acts as the homeworld of the Katorlian Empire.

Our version of the map is located here: http://

Website & Forum Discussion archive / Theme Changes Earlier
« on: November 04, 2013, 01:54:51 pm »

For those you notice the themes changing earlier one or twice, that was me giving you a preview for the next two holiday themes and showing someone else at the same time. I hope you enjoy them and I gotta do some work on the 2nd one I brought up.

Happy Holidays,


Hey Drax,

Making this topic to keep up to date on the site. The service tab looks to be the one to take off with additions of TOS/ACP. I will add the TOS/ACP here shortly.

Also adding 2008-2009 by the Copyright.

Miscellaneous Topics Archive / Crew Roster
« on: May 01, 2009, 05:57:43 pm »

Click on a crew member's name to view their profile

This is the crew roster of the USS Gibson. Please refer to it frequently to check any changes in position or rank of your fellow crew member's as this may affect the chain of command. Remember, if you have a problem see your Head of Department and if they cannot solve it they will go to the First Officer, and if he cannot solve it the last stop will be the Commanding Officer. Please respect this as it is there to stop unnecessary comms and/or emails.


APC Commanding Officer: Captain John Norton
TBD First Officer: Reserved
TBD Second Officer:
TBD Chief of the Boat:


TBD Chief Flight Control Officer:
TBD Flight Control Officer:
TBD Flight Control Crewman:


TBD Chief Security/Tactical Officer:
TBD Security/Tactical Officer:
TBD Security/Tactical Crewman:


TBD Chief Engineering Officer: Reserved
TBD Engineering Officer:
TBD Engineering Crewman:

TBD Chief Operations Officer:
TBD Operations Officer:
TBD Operations Crewman:


TBD Chief Science Officer:
TBD Science Officer:
TBD Science Crewman:

TBD Chief Medical Officer:
TBD Medical Officer:
TBD Medical Crewman:
TBD Ship's Counselor:

NPC - Non-Playing Character
APC - Active Playing Character
IPC - Inactive Playing Character
LOA - Leave of Absence
TBD - To Be Decided

If any of the information contained within this roster is incorrect or you would like to apply for an NPC position, please contact the commanding officer.[/size]

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