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[Kosst Holana - Deck 1 - Bridge - Just beyond the Badlands]

The Kosst Holana dropped out warp within out-the-window visual range of the turbulent and churning plasma storm that dominated sectors of space like a massive storm that never abated: the area of space infamously known as The Badlands. The Kosst Holana's bow turned away from the storm and slowly maneuvered so its port side windows looked out into the many fold flashing and crashing and whirling of plasma. Even from its distance, the port-side of the Bajoran military scout craft turn civil freighter was alight in orange and red hues. With the long ago destruction of the Maquis, the Badlands had since resumed its role as a pirate and smuggler's crossing: where few dared to tread.

=/\= Captain to All Hands: on the port side window you can see a segment of the spatial body known as the Badlands, from this distance we are safe from the plasma storms and the gravitational anomalies; however, keep a hand free to brace yourself. Even from this distance, the gravity shifts can reach out and cause the ship to shudder. We should be here for at least a cycle or two, so enjoy the view as you can. However, we are at ready-status due to the travel advisories for this region of space, so be sure to keep in mind where your quarters or nearest seat is. Otherwise, enjoy yourselves. =/\=

Arrun had come to rendezvous with a fellow civil freighter coming out of the Badlands in the next couple days. Unlike most ships that made a stop near the Badlands, he actively posted his flight plan for any would-be merchants, scientists, or tourists looking to get close to the massive anomaly. For his trouble, he received quite a few offers for cargo runs deep into or beyond it: none of which were registered with any Federation trade authority. He did get a few passengers willing to venture so close to the storm for their various reasons, some with personal cargo that were their business -if not already put through security checks back at Deep Space Nine where he had last docked up. A fair number of passengers had sought to traverse the Badlands or were themselves couriers for messages best not left to sub-space; thus, Arrun had to spend a fair amount of time finding out a fellow civil ship captain who was far more ready to brave the storm than he was.

From his seat, out the front display of the bridge, he could see the pillars of fire that roared in the silent void their light: looking disturbingly akin to the descriptions of the fire caves on Bajor. He would not leave his seat for the next two days, since he would need to make maneuvers on a moment's notice if a pirate or smuggler didn't take his presence as a friendly one -if not an invitation to be raided himself. For all his unease, the tension of being so close to such inhospitable space, the suspect nature of his passengers and their business: he had his own reasons for being here that only his gunner Wist truly knew and only his Surgeon would truly understand.

Star Trek Discussion / Civilian Members of Starfleet Starships
« on: March 07, 2019, 08:47:32 pm »
Running a star trek rpg and a player asked about the viability of a civilian doctor or scientist on a Starfleet starship.

In the context of Star Trek canon or indeed Shadowfleet canon, what are the thoughts of the Fleet and its civilian members?

In the end, I know I could just allow it: handwave it in...but I'm trying to frame it in a Star Trek fashion.

My two latinum:

-A Starfleet CMO would, I think, be hesitant to have a non-Starfleet trained person in thier medbay: unless they were well versed in starship medicine and were willing to obey thier orders at least (if not the ship officers)

Mission Submission Board / "When Is No Win?"
« on: February 14, 2019, 08:53:11 pm »
Mission Title: When Is No Win?
Synopsis: The USS YourShip is to take part in a simulated scenario to aid in an ongoing JAG case. Is this a no-win scenario? Is it winnable?

Starting Point: A JAG officer is requesting permission to board the USS YourShip

End Goal: To evaluate and record the choices the Crew makes.

Story points that must be passed?:Departments: (To make sure everyone has something to do.)
- Flight: Tasked with slipping the YourShip near the Station without being detected and getting the ship away. Also possible battle stations.
- Engineering: Tasked with confirming the technological level of the Station and its docked ships. Also possible battle...
- Operations: Sensors will need to detect the station before the enemy detects the YourShip first. Further, as this is a JAG simulation, the JAG officer will be working with them to set up the scenario.
- Security and tactical: Full tactical dump on the station, the pirate ships, and the Klingon cruisers. And, of course, the possible battle.
- Medical: Simulated injuries during the possible battle. Keeping an eye on the ship's morale during the keen eye of the JAG observer. ALSO the JAG officer wants to know the mental states of the crew in the scenario
- Science: Details of the station and the enemy ships will give insight into how difficult and perilous this is.

[Earth, San Francisco, Outside of Starfleet Medical]

It was an overcast day, the sky a flint and fossil grey as the sunlight attempted to pierce through the sky. A Bajoran man in civilian wear stepped out from the grand structure of Starfleet Medical Headquarters, his cherry red duffel bag plush full of his personal effects. He took a few steps and turned to look up at the structure he had spend so long inside, getting to know full well its various facilities, staff, and even some of its patients. He remembered feeling somewhat frightened when he first came by, unsure what answers -if any- dwelled within. Now it was not so scary, only slightly sad. For all the technological marvel and summit of minds that the Federation could offer: the man had only a handful of answers when he wanted a full backpack worth. He finally looked away from the structure and strode away from it; trying to be happy, if not content, that he was able to leave it.

A soft chime drew his attention to his bag, so he stopped at a nearby bench and smiled politely at a passer-by; if nothing else, the city was as friendly as he ever remembered it. Even if, his last mission involved this very city and the Starfleet as a whole.

Drinks at the 602? My treat! said the text on the flat Starfleet-insignia'd PADD he had.

He tapped his own forehead with the device in thought. He remembered the old place, the unofficial pilot's lounge of Starfleet and popular hole-in-the-wall for officers looking for somewhere off the Presidum to drink. Even before his time, the place had a certain legendary aura about it. Claims that this or that famous officer had drunk there -true or not- always kept the place just busy enough to be friendly, but not so busy you had to reserve a chair. The Bajoran sighed and looked at the PADD again, as if he could will the invite away. "Sometimes, you just have to dive in." Arrun Dihsar muttered at his PADD; recalling advice from his therapist.

He tapped at the PADD once more, letting his friend know he was on his way. Arrun did not want to see anyone today, especially after such an exhausting morning of filling out paperwork for his official release. But, he was beyond being a hermit on his mountain, seeking the Truth from the Prophets: he couldn't hide away. Even if he hadn't told anyone, except his Doctor, what his intentions were: he could not pretend the universe and the people in it didn't matter to him any more.

The weight of his decision on him, he strode to a nearby transit stop and made his way to the 602 Club.

Database / "Kosst Holana" Civilian Hauler Specs & Crew
« on: February 07, 2019, 09:38:59 am »
Kosst Holana
"Knowing your destiny is only half the journey."

Name: SS Kosst Holana
Registry: NAR-68524
Class: Janitza Class (Civil Variant)
Type: Scout Ship, Transport

Length: 60m
Width: 30m
Height: 15m
Number of Decks: 3

Hull: Standard Duranium/Tritanium Hull
Standard Shield: Deflector Shields

Standard Cruising: Warp 8
Maximum Cruising: Warp 8.5 - For max of 12 hours.
Crew Complement: 6

Phaser Cannon Turret Mk.VII
Tractor Beam

Captain / First Pilot
APC Arrun Dihsar (Bajoran Male)

First Officer
NPC Carnel Modist (Human Female)

Chief Engineer
NPC Gaal Mayb (Bajoran Male)

NPC Wist Presbt (Human Female)

NPC Lila Clad (Bajoran Female)

NPC Vander Sonnier (Human Male)

Second Pilot
NPC Erazia Zaff (Bolian Female)

Kosst Holana while berthed aboard Katra Station


Deck 1 (Command Deck):
-Crew Mess
-Emergency Airlock

Deck 2 (Commons Deck):
-General Mess
-Kitchen / Ship's Food Storage
-Passenger Quarters
-Crew Quarters
-Captain's Cabin
-Surgery Bay
-Main Docking Port

Deck 3 (Operations Deck):
-Main Cargo
-Engine Room
-Engineer's Cabin
-Phaser Cannon Maintenance and Manual Control Room

Returning Players Archive / Reactivation Reqeust for Arrun Dihsar
« on: February 06, 2019, 06:02:07 pm »
Arrun Dihsar returning from the dark and coming back to put out fires in the Shadowfleet.

In otherwords: Fornally requesting permission to rejoin the Fleet.

LOA Archives / Reserve Request - Arrun Dihsar
« on: October 04, 2018, 02:00:04 pm »
Character(s) affected: Lt. Arrun Dihsar
Assigned ship(s): USS Athena
Period of time absent: Indefinite
Date commencing: Immediate
Date returning: Unknown

Any relevant comments: The crew of the Athena has been very patient and great, but I cannot for the life of me get into an inspired mind-set to write that I would be happy with. For now, I have to formally step away and reconsider things. I have had a lot of fun here, but I hope to return someday. I just honestly don't know when that will be currently. For now, best of luck to the Fleet and keep your eyes on your friendly neighborhood pilots.

Mission Submission Board / Claw Confederation Encounter
« on: August 22, 2018, 08:01:04 am »
Mission Title: Claw Confederation Encounter

Start Point:Your Ship is investigating mines from an unclaimed minefield in space.
End Point: The name of their attackers is known, but why they did so is not clear.

Summary:  YourShip is on a survey mission of a region of space dense with asteroids and an abandoned unclaimed minefield. While the Yourship studies one of the mines and some asteroid samples; shuttlecraft have been sent out to survey the areas in detail alongside the ship probes. The mines are nearly a century old, but would crudely do serious harm to any starship attempting to warp through this region of space. Meanwhile, as the shuttle is venturing through one of the asteroid fields, it is attacked by fighter class shuttles with strange markings on them. The YourShip and its shuttle are engaged by a fighter wing deployed by a distant carrier craft and most save their shuttles and the YourShip from attack!

Story Beats

1. "This Mine is crude but effective" the crew of the YourShip have just brought aboard a crude disarmed space mine for study. Determining who made it and for what reason. The mine is over 100 years old but is determined to be strong enough to still be a danger to starships.

2. "Shuttlecraft Reporting In, All Quiet" the shuttle craft on enroute to the minefield, navigating through an asteroid field to get to them. This is a trip the pilots have had to do all day, so there are charted routes on how to get there; it's just slow going.

3. "We have incoming!" as the shuttlecraft approch the minefield to recover anouther mine, they are attacked by a trio of fighter-class shuttles with strange markings. Although the weapons of the enemy craft are crude, their tactics and maneauverabilty are a grave danger to the shuttles. The YourShip is notified of the danger.

4. "They have friends..." the YourShip's shuttles fight with the fighter-shuttles goes from bad to worse as more enemy fighters fly in to attack. The shuttles are forced to flee back to the YourShip with the enemy shuttles chasing after them.

5. "Emergency Beam Out, Now!" The Shuttles have been severely damaged by the time they get back to the YourShip and require emergency beam out to save their crews. This is complicated by the fact the initial 3 enemy fighters have grown to 9 and are armed with some sort of torpedo system that can threaten the YourShip.

6. "Battle For the YourShip!" The YourShip is assailed by the wing of enemy fighters and are unresponsive to hailing frequencies. Instead the enemy craft attack the Yourship vigourously. Casualties and damage on both sides mount.

7. "They are using Radio!" The YourShip becomes aware that the enemy ships, through maneauverable and fast, are no match for a Starfleet Vessel's full firepower and torpedoes; clean hits cut through the enemy shields and destroy the craft with ease. It is also discovered the enemy ships are not using sub-space channels but are instead using primitive ship-to-ship radio systems. Between being able to intercept enemy transmissions and allowing the universal translator to learn thier language, the YourShip has the upper hand.

8. "You Are Trespassing in Confederation Space." Eventually the enemy fighters have lost over half their initial number and are forced to retreat back into the asteroid field. Before they escape, the YourShip's universal transltor has figured the langauge out: the YourShip is able to tune into the radio frequency and hail the fleeing ships. In reply, the YourShip is sent an automated message and one of the pilots of the enemy fighters orders radio silence.

9. "We'll hear from them again." The YourShip is unable to safely chase the enemy craft into the field and must break contact; never mind the casualties suffered aboard. With some thought and study of the debris left by the fighters. It is determined that these craft are capable of only low-warp speeds of about 1 or 2. No nearby class M planets are known in the region; thus, it is determined the fighters had to be launched from a carrier somewhere nearby. The YourShip has made an enemy and they are sure they will be encountering them again. The only hint they have is when they examine the strange markings of the fighter craft. "Fighter-Craft 2644, USS Claw Confederation of Worlds."

Department Overview:
Science: Sensors will show the shuttlecraft are under attack at long range. In addition, the science department can study the recovered mine to determine what sort of society could make them. A science officer might be aboard one or more of the shuttles to get a closer look of the minefield and the asteroids.

Medical: The returning shuttle-crews will likely be injured and need assistance; once the YourShip is attacked they will need to attend to injuries from across the ship.
Flight: The shuttles will need pilots and will hopefully have their best pilot helping those shuttles escape. When the YourShip is attacked, some fancy flying will be needed to deal with these dog-fighting enemy craft.

Sec/Tac: Aboard the shuttlecraft aiding in disarming the mines; on the YourShip securing the disarmed mine; and helping defend the ship from the fighter wave attack.

Engineering: Aiding in examining the disarmed mine aboard the YourShip; possibly on the shuttles to aid in the disarming of mines; the Damage Control teams that have to keep the ship running while under attack.

Ops: Is arranging for a safe space aboard the ship to store the disarmed mine; is recieiving hails from the shuttles once they are attacked; are the ones who discover the radio-only transmission and work with Tactical to monitor and intercept the enemy transmissions. 

Archive / Cooked - CLAIMED
« on: August 12, 2018, 04:04:15 am »
Mission Title: Cooked

Summary: The YourShip finishes an intense battle from hostile ships, they are victorious. However, the YourShip has suffered critical damage to its heat management systems. The ship is keeping together, however various systems aboard the ship are cooking the crew aboard as the ship heats up more and more from various systems. Even if the ship cut power to everything aboard, the ship would not be losing heat fast enough to space. The crew must devise a way to vent heat or everyone aboard will perish!

Start Point: The YourShip has successfully destroyed the last enemy craft after a long battle.
End Point: The Device Vents heat and the crew can finally start to relax and repair the rest of the ship.

Story Beats

1: "Sensors Clear! No Hostile Contacts Left!": The YourShip has just dealt the finishing blow to an enemy ship. However, the YourShip is badly damaged.

2: "Sir, the Heat Management System is Down": The worst damage the ship suffered is the heat management system: it is completely blown. Meaning: the ship's ambient heat and heat generated by various systems is going to cook everyone aboard!

3: "We have reports of heat exhaustion and stroke on every deck of the ship!": Medical emergencies across the ship, the crew has to find a way to cool down.

4: "It's too hot to touch, Sir!": The ship is getting so hot it's getting hard to handle anything metal, even the consoles are uncomfortably hot.

5: "Nope, the heat system is done, we need a better way." The main heat venting systems for the ship are not repairable, the crew has to fabricate a new way to vent heat quickly.

6: "Team Up and Get to Work!" The Crew has to pull together in one team or more to figure out how to best vent heat; meanwhile doing whatever they can to cool themselves down. 

7: "We got it working!" A device has been fabricated and now the crew has to install it and get it up and running before more of the crew passes out...likely some of the main crew has collapsed.

8: "Take it slow." The device is working, the ship is slowly cooling and those who have collapsed are recovering. That heat spike did a lot of extra damage on its own...but at least the crew now has a chance to save the ship.

Department Overview:
Science: They can explain the concept of how space is actually really bad at sucking heat from an object in space. Without a way to vent heat out: the ship will slowly heat itself up....turning off systems will help, but the warp core is heating the ship too...time to figure some solutions!

Medical: Heat Exhaustion and Stroke are real dangers in a high-heat area....2nd and 3rd degree burns will becoming in...and the medical staff need to work in the heat too!
Flight: The ship needs to be careful moving around, any propulsion will heat the ship. The shuttles will be a welcome reprieve since they are the only place with heat management....but there are only so many shuttles.

Sec/Tac: Ship of injured and various weapon systems and torpedoes that don't react well to intense heat...time to secure anything that's flammable and assist all departments in keeping peace aboard ship

Engineering: Time to be miracle workers: you are a ship in space with no way to vent heat...along the way you find you'll have to fabricate a new one...time for the engineers to shine!

Ops: Many gases, flammable materials, and perishables aboard ship will not react well to heat. In addition, all personnel functions aboard ship will be severely hindered by the heat wave. Move quickly!

Optional: Cascade failures of various systems and bio-gel packs and isolinear chips begin to fry out...explosions in areas that have way too much heat....the heat management system isn't the only critical part damaged!

Personal Development & Support Archive / Life of a...
« on: August 09, 2018, 03:41:55 am »
Here I present the "Life of a..." series. Where officers, crewmen, and civilians aboard the Starships and Starbases of Starfleet tell you what they do, what their jobs are like, and who they are as individuals. In this way I hope to invite any and all members of Shadowfleet to speak "In-Character" about what their characters do and what they think of their job. Of course, roles will double up, such as the Department Head of Flight; however, I invite you to still tell the story of what your character thinks of the job, what they may have experienced unique in their career, or if the way things done on their ship is different. In this way, I hope to have a snapshot of many characters and to give a rough guideline of how things work here in the Shadowfleet.

Primary sources that I have also used are: Memory Alpha & HELP: Departmental Duties I also watched and read a bit about Real Life counterparts of the job and made some assumptions from there. Some of it I am just making up as makes sense to me. I am, of course, also open to amendments or corrections if I stray too far from ShadowFleet standard or expectation.


Life of a Department Head: Chief of Flight Control

Hello, I am Lieutenant Dihsar Arrun, I am a Bajoran born on the colony of E'Toria, I am the Chief of Flight Control otherwise known as Flight Controller, Chief Flight Officer, or head of Flight. I serve aboard the Federation Starship USS Athena. My primary role is to be the primary helmsman and navigator for the ship. In addition to that, I supervise three sub-departments.

The first department is Shuttlebay Control. Any shuttlecraft or equivalent leaving the Athena is watched over from the Flight Control Center. Think of the air traffic or space traffic controllers you may have heard of from holo-novel programs or during flight you may have taken. Any ship leaving or docking with the Athena is given clearances, flight guidance, and so on to ensure safe flying and avoiding accidents and collisions.

The second department is Navigation. They are responsible for making sure we do not get lost in space and plotting safe courses for the ship to take to where it is going. They review weather advisories, strategic advisories, and generally making sure any known hazard is brought to the attention of myself, the XO, and the CO. Their goal isn't to warn a crew in the moment but to brief everyone and anyone who wants to know what might be out there.

The third department is Flight. They are the pilots and general maintenance technicians of the ship's propulsion systems and shuttlecraft. The first half most are aware of, the most visible part of the whole Flight Control Department. The second half are the crewmen who ensure what is supposed to fly can fly. For major repairs, refits, overhauls, and so on: we defer to the Engineering staff for their more advanced expertise and tools.

In all, the Chief of Flight has to be familiar with all three sub-departments, if only to know how to direct them and know they are doing their jobs correctly. Most department heads traditionally come from the Flight department. It is a rare captain that advances a navigator or shuttlebay tower controller, but it does happen. At any point, I need to be able to sit on the bridge, fly an aerowing for the Captain, check safeties on all shuttle aboard, or even direct space and air traffic in my area. To get this job, you need to learn as much as you ever did in the Academy.

I started as an ensign and have had the fortune to be on the same ship for my career until now. This has let me be mentored by the same senior officers and the petty officers aboard to be better at my job; and its easier on them since they get to know me and how I work. Though I have heard it is very common for members of Flight Control be transferred as needed; so I would always suggest reading up or taking correspondance courses as needed. If nothing else, consult with your Chief of Flight: they will know what the best resources aboard are for you.

As for my day to day, every working day: I do my morning briefings of all sub-department heads, checking the status of the ship, addressing any of the previous day's issues, and briefing them on any new mission requirement I am made aware of. After morning briefing, I usually go to Flight Control, go in my office and review various reports, review charts, maintaince logs, and so on. At some point in every day, I have bridge duty. Usually the Alpha shift, but not always. From the bridge, I move the ship as ordered and advise the bridge staff of navigational and flight concerns. Sometimes, I am called upon to determine solutions to strange problems, as all officers on a starship do. But, in my case, sometimes flying where you need to go is not quite so simple as a straight line.

After bridge duty, I will goto my office again, typically to prepare for a general meeting with the XO for a department-wide report. Sometimes I perform a navigation report on courses the ship is taking or might take and discuss the details. This might involve a follow-up meeting with the CO if there is a special diversion or amendment required; but generally the XO is briefed on what needs to be done on a day-to-day.

At the end of a duty shift, I usually hit he holo-deck or the shuttlebay and perform flight drills; to keep my flight skills sharp. I might spend some time reviewing flight regulations, both Federation and Non-Federation. If I have time, I try to get in some personal development; like writing articles on better flight procedure or learning more about the uniform code of justice. After all that, I do my nightly prayers and get some sleep. 

Now, you may have noticed I did not mention mess hall time. That comes as I can manage it. As required, I do get my morning, midday, and nightly meals: but, as a Department Head I usually have a working lunch or breakfast. This job keeps you very busy and it can be hard to find time to unwind. But I will always suggest to find time to sit down with the rest of the crew and relax and eat. Pushing yourself is admirable right up until you collapse from exhaustion. I have been there, and you do not want to hear a lecture on better living habits for an hour.

As a Bajoran, a recent Federation member, there are unique challenges. Before Starfleet, I was a priest on Bajor. I was leading the people on matters of faith, settling disputes, and aiding my fellow brothers and sisters with their duties. For many Bajorans, our faith is a center point, a defining pillar of who we are. Some are very devout, like myself, and some do not belief at all. But, in the end, it is a cultural cornerstone for all Bajorans. Our art, culture, laws, ethics, so on. So, when you have a very religious society integrating with a much more secular one like the Federation: there can be cultural shocks that many Bajorans struggle with. Unlike the Vulcans, we have not been part of Federation culture as a people, as a world. So, there can be growing pains and adjustments, even these days. But, I can tell you, that most Starfleet crewmen and officers are very understanding and sometimes even curious about Bajoran ways. So, I advise anyone considering Starfleet to not be discouraged, no matter how different you may be; how unique your people and culture: Starfleet accepts anyone willing to work hard, serve virtously, and stand up for those who can't.


I should note: no-one should feel they need to write quite as much as I did. Even a brief snapshot is good. The idea I has was a sort of "So You're Interesting In Joining Starfleet" thing. The sort of recruitment style video where people read/watch about the job to see if it is right or interesting for them. Most videos I have seen (for CanForce or the US military) have videos or testimonals of people doing that job. Though I have never served, I find such things interesting. So, on a lark, I thought it might be interesting for us to do here.

Anyway, thank you for reading, hope this is enjoyable or helpful for people!

Star Trek Archive / Mercenaries
« on: August 06, 2018, 02:31:36 am »
Curious as to what people knew of mercenaries in Federation employ or the laws it might have on mercenary work. How often have people seen them in the show, that sort of thing.

Mission Submission Board / Martin's Reach
« on: August 02, 2018, 03:36:30 pm »
Mission Title: Martin's Reach

Summary: A Federation Colony long thought abandoned issues an automated distress call. The Yourship is nearest to the call and goes to investigate. Upon sending an away team, the Yourship is under attack and the away team subjected to intense radiation. The only peaceful way to end this: to find Martin Tillman -- Founder of the Colony.

Start Point: YourShip is enroute to distress call.
End Point: The Planet stops attacking and a peace brokered with Martin Tillman's help.

Background: Martin's Reach was the brain child of a Federation Philosopher named Martin Tillman, who believed that man thrived in the confines of scarcity and hardship. To this, his colony was minimal in its tools and supplies and utterly dependent on the planet itself. 500 people left for the distant colony in search of a grand expedition and experiment separate from the Federation at large.

At first things went well, Martin had chosen a class M planet a healthy distance from hostile space and had prepared his people well. After a year the colony was rapidly thriving far faster than the Federation Council expected.

As of ten years ago, the planet was found deserted. No sign of battle, disease, or stellar event. The colonists just picked up and left. The colonists would be later found across the Sector claiming they simply grew tired of living there and moved. The only unaccounted soul was Martin Tillman and every colonist swore he stayed behind.

For ten years the colony has stood an empty shell of Martin's dream. Too high and inconvenient for most colonists; and with the failure of the colony any adherents to the Martin Reach Philosophy have no interest in moving to the world.

Story Beats

1: The YourShip is enroute to an automated distress call from the planet known as "Martin's Reach", named after the man who founded the once thought abandoned colony. Ship likely at Yellow Alert, crew preparing to aid anyone at the colony.

2: YourShip enters standard orbit and detects a M-Class Vulcan-like desert world, dotted with oases. On this world the Colony Complex of Martin's Reach is covered in strange red and blue crystals. With the oases around the planet either latticed in blue crystal (where plant and animal life still thrive) or red crystals (where no-life lives). The red crystals emitting intense radiation while the blue ones soak up and neutralize radiation. The crystals are a new development that was no recorded during previous patrols of the planet.

3: Away team is send down to investigate the Colony Complex (likely wearing suits in case of radiation exposure; despite the blue crystals). 

4: When away team begins exploring the Colony, the YourShip is suddenly fired upon from the red crystals. Spikes of intense radiation flaring from the planet. Those on the planet's surface are subjected to ambient radiation spikes, burning anyone not protected.

5: The YourShip has to take action to avoid further attacks from the surface; meanwhile, the away team discovers the crystals (both blue and red) are sentient; speaking in light signals and waveband emissions. With some translation: the Away Team discovers that the Blue Crystals are pacifists who "embed" themselves into aliens to spread peace across the galaxy. The Red Ones are the protectors of thier race and fear that their homeworld might be attacked one day.

6: With more investigation, it is discovered that Martin Tillman is badly injured and revered as a religous figure by the Crystal People. The Red Crystals interpreted his failing health as a sign the "warm-bloods" would visit wrath on the world. So they got ready to fight any that came by. The Blue Crystals sent for help via the distress beacon and hoped "The Martin" could be saved from certain death.

7: Martin Tillman is to be found either hidden by the Red Crystals somewhere in the Complex or even at a Red Crystal controlled Oasis.

8: Once Martin Tillman is recovered and brought back to health (severe radiation exposure); he aids the YourShip crew in pacifying the Red Crystals and aiding in the Crystals efforts to become Federation Members.

Department Overview:
Science: Strange crystals with even stranger properties: well worth investigating.

Medical: The Away Team and the YourShip will likely suffer casualties from the Red Crystal Attack. ALSO they must save Martin Tillman to help bring the planet back to peace again.
Flight: Some Evasive Maneauvers will be required to avoid the radiation blasts from the planet. Optionally: due to the Red Crystals radiation a shuttlecraft might be required to get to the surface.

Sec/Tac: Unknown distress on planet, might want to send security to away team. Also, with the YourShip being fired on: the Security Department has a responsibility to keep the ship safe from harm....even if that means possibly returning fire.

Engineering: The computer systems in the Colony are strangely linked with the Blue Crystals in a sort of symbiosis now. The Blue Crystals actually independently power the colony now. Also, the YourShip is going to take some damage, that needs to be addressed.

Ops: Might want to set up probes to observe the planet or help cut thru the high radiation levels on various parts of the planet; can aid in translating the strange "light language" of the crystal people; can transport members of the away team; DEFINATELY needed to emergency medical transport Martin Tillman up to Sickbay for surgery.

Optional: Members of the Crew may have had friends who once lived at the colony years ago.

I don't think any of us wants to get too bogged down in technical writing, especially for a fictional setting with sci-fi tech. However, I like to think a little technical, inspired from real life, can inform writing in-character and veer us a little less from techno-babble and stay somewhat comprehensible. Now, there has to be, for sake of narrative time, a lot of hand-waving in some of the particulars of precisely what our characters are doing moment to moment -not like the actors of the shows were expected to hit this button and not THAT button all the time. However, I have to admit a fascination with technical checklists and the lead-up to actual action. So, in my idle wonderings one night, I wrote up a list.

Now, in my case, I wrote up a list of things I think my pilot does every time he is about to take control of the Conn and get the ship underway (assuming he isn't already in transit or in the midst of being shot at.)

I'm taking a little inspiration from aviation flight check lists; avoiding the nitty gritty bits. Mainly because I think that might be a little tedious to write out every time. Heck, even the stuff I will list below I abbrivate in my posts as "doing pre-flight" or something. But, I like to have an idea of what stuff my pilot is checking for, what might (reasonably) come up at the Conn station. A wary pilot might even verify some of the checklist with other departments (they aren't flying the ship alone after all).

Note that this is not an exhaustive list...just a list of things that would be narratively important if it WEREN'T done. Or if there was a Plot-Error at any of these stages. Though kudos to the one who makes a mission out of the lights on the left side of the ship not shining out into space.

So, after writing this out...I suppose I'm not calling for everyone to adhere to this. Just more a suggestion or guideline for current and future pilots in Shadow Fleet. For those who actually ARE pilots professional or hobbyist: apologies for butchering the jargon. Though, I am open to input on stuff I should take out; rewording; things I should add IN...from anyone.

Thanks for your interest and patience!

So, here is a proposed "Pre-Flight / Flight" list:

  • Primary Power -- ON
  • Secondary Power -- ON
    • Nav-Sensors -- ON
    • Verify Sensors with Master -- DONE
      • Nav-Computer -- ON
      • Verify Computer with Master -- DONE
        • Instrument Check -- DONE

          • Conn has Control -- YES
          • Maneauvering Thrusters -- ACTIVE
            • Impulse Engines -- ACTIVE
            • Warp Drive -- ACTIVE
              • STARSHIP READY TO MOVE

              • Starship Ready to Move -- YES
                • Verify Current Position -- DONE
                • Enter Course Plot -- DONE
                  • Enter Intended Speed -- DONE

                    • Mark - CALLED
                    • ENGAGE!

                      • Verify Bearing and Heading - DONE
                      • Speed Check - DONE
                        • SHIP UNDERWAY

Archive / ALERT! ALERT! Pull up! - CLAIMED
« on: July 31, 2018, 12:22:15 am »
Mission Title: ALERT! ALERT! Pull up!

Summary: YourShip is performing a routine spacecraft landing instruction when the landing craft declares an emergency and desperately tries not to crash, however -due to pilot, mechanical, or computer error- the shuttle crashes into the shuttlebay. The results in heavy damage to the ship and an emergency in the shuttlebay. The crew is mobilized into a Red Alert not involving combat to save the crew of the shuttlecraft and preserve the ship from further damage.

Start Point: Shuttlecraft full of passengers is approching the Yourship for a routine landing; just another day.
End Point: Crashed Shuttlecraft is evacuated, all fires put out, situation under control.

Story Beats

1: "This is Shuttlecraft Zero-One requesting landing clearance": A shuttlecraft full of passengers is approaching the YourShip and requests clearance to land. Crew is having a normal day, nothing strange yet.

2: "WARNING! Impulse Engines Compromised": The shuttlecraft pilot is now aware something is wrong with the shuttle, but not exactly how serious it is. They advise the YourShip of an audible warning from their shuttlecraft computer and are trying to prevent the disaster that is coming.

3: The Explosion: A part of the shuttle suddenly explodes and their Distress Beacon is Activated, their pilot calling out "mayday mayday" The shuttle cannot abort landing without endangering all the passengers aboard and/or leaving the shuttle to crash into the Yourship. The YourShip is on Red Alert as there is a present crisis endangering the ship. The crew mobilizes for the coming disaster.

4: Coming in Hot: The Shuttlecraft pilot, with the help of the Crew of the YourShip, try to save the shuttlecraft from crashing, but the shuttlecraft is too damaged (or the pilot that bad) and it crashes into the shuttlebay. Likely a "All hands Brace for impact" moment.

5: Shuttle Down: Shuttlecraft 01 has crashed and is non-responsive to hails from the YourShip. The Shuttlecraft's power systems are compromised and the crew aboard are either dead or incapacitated. The YourShip crew must hurry to prevent the shuttle from exploding and to save the passengers aboard. The Yourship also suffered some damage from the crash and the neighboring decks will likely need damage control teams to respond.

6: Passengers and Crew are rescued, but the shuttle is still a danger to the Yourship. It either needs to be put off the ship before it explodes or its condition must be stabilized.

7: Shuttlecraft is taken care of and the crew is left with repairing what damage & causalities have been done to the YourShip

8: Some of the early stages of accident investigation is started; the passengers of the shuttle are safe; the shuttlecraft is no longer a danger to the YourShip; the YourShip's damage and casualties are under control.

Department Overview:
Science: Likely the first to notice something is wrong with shuttlecraft 01 from sensors; science staff become vital aides in dealing with the crashed Shuttlecraft and possibly figuring out what went wrong.

Medical: A shuttlecraft full of injured...flight crew incapacitated (or dead)...and the injured aboard the YourShip from the crash.
Flight: During the call to mayday they likely are giving flight advice to the flight crew of the shuttlecraft. (For added danger, have a member of flight be one of the people flying the shuttle!). Will be working with science and engineering to help deal with the crashed shuttlecraft.

Sec/Tac: Likely mobilizing security teams to form a perimeter of the damaged areas of the YourShip and aiding in rescue efforts. Also looking into what caused the crash in the first place.

Engineering: Damage Control for damage done to the YourShip and dealing with the crashed Shuttlecraft.

Ops: First one to be communicating with the ShuttleCraft and is the first one to be aware of the emergency; has to advise the ship of the emergency and help mobilize the ship to deal with the crash. Organizing damage control efforts.

Optional: Some of the passengers aboard the shuttle can be crew members who are caught up in the crash. Maybe an Admiral feels like going for a ride?

Star Trek Archive / Reason for low warp speed?
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So, since the beginning: star fleets have had various factors of warp from warp 1 to 10 (higher in certain systems of measurement). Now, I accept that starships cannot go at maximum warp due to strain on the core and propulsion systems. Indeed ships have listed cruising speeds if a ship wants to move quickly and it SAFELY can. My question is: why go any slower than cruising speed?

In certain segments of space I can understand slowing down or being forced to by slow down by stellar phenomena; but why, in normal space travel would a Captain order say warp 1 or 2 for a ship capable of cruising at 7?

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