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Archive / SS Cresent of the Starfleet Auxiliary - Claimed
« on: May 01, 2018, 06:50:11 am »
Mission Title: SS Cresent of the Starfleet Auxiliary

Summary: The Starfleet Auxiliary Fleet is made up of decommissioned Federation starships crewed by retired Starfleet officers/crew & civilians; each ship captained by a Starfleet officer; all to aid and assist the ships of the Task Forces in thier duties. The Captain of the SS Cresent, a retrofitted Constitution class starship as part of the Starfleet Auxillary fleet. After meeting with the Captain, the Cresent carries on. Shortly thereafter, the Yourship hears a brief distress signal that cuts out. The Cresent is suffering a Mutiny of a different color, but what shall the Yourship do?

Start Point: The Crew of the Yourship has dinner with the Captain of the SS Cresent
End Point: The SS Cresent's mutiny has been put down, but how?

Story Beats

1: Dinner and a Show: The Captain of the SS Cresent chats amiably with the crew of the Yourship over dinner; happy to be dining in the company of fellow active Starfleet Officers. They recount their posting and complain how hard it is to maintain discipline aboard their ship.

2: A Fond Farewell: The Captain of the SS Cresent returns to their ship; after ensuring the last of the supplies are transported to the Yourship. Hailing the Yourship to inform them they intend to perform some warp field and impulse drive tests. Mainly to ensure they don't accidentally interfere with the operations of the Yourship.

3: A Call for Help: Shortly after leaving the SS Cresent to its devices, the Youship detects a distress call from the SS Cresent; but suddenly the signal cuts short. The Yourship must respond.

4: A Silent Cresent: Upon approaching and hailing the SS Cresent, they notice the ship is undamaged, its shields up, and otherwise unresponsive. Scans show a large gathering in the mess hall and the ship is fully crewed; save for one lifeform in critical condition in the mess hall.

5: A Strange Greeting: After being Scanned, the SS Cresent hails back. On the viewscreen appears an Auxiliary Officer, the Second Officer of the Ship. They report there has been a shooting aboard ship, thier Captain is hurt and needs medical assistance. However, the shields of the ship have been overtaken by junior officers and crew of the ship. They formally request the Yourship's aid. (The Officer is very particular about not saying the word "Mutiny."

6: Reclaiming the Cresent: The Yourship can quickly take down the older-class ship's shields, so long as they stay careful of the older ship's shields. That done, the crew must board the ship and seize control of a barricaded Mess Hall that is frightened and believes that have gone too far.

7: Cresent revealed: The Captain is mortally wounded and needs urgent medical attention; it is revealed he was shot during failed negotiations between the junior officers and himself. For too long the Captain had been pushing his crew to their limits, trying to bring the non starfleet crew to starfleet standard. With a wounded Captain, the junior officers thought they had gone past the point of no return.

8: The Cresent Fate is Sealed: With the Cresent seized and the nearest Starfleet authority the YourShip crew: the fate of the junior officers being an accidental shooting or a full on mutiny can mean a big difference between a penal colony and a harsh disciplinary punishment. 

Department Overview:
Science: Can determine the shield frequency of the Crescent and possibly assist with beaming across without shooting; can also assist with siezeing the ship via gas attack; might have special insight on the scans of the Crescent regarding the fate of the Captain.

Medical: With any firefight, injuries are bound to happen. The big priority is saving the Captain of the SS Crescent  (if only to save the crew from a murder charge.) They can also tell the crew is pushed to the brink of exhaustion.
Flight: As part of the raid to seize the Crescent , Flight could fly a shuttle over to help seize the Crescent 's shuttlebay and prevent escape by that way. If flight can get to the SS Crescent Bridge, they can verify the bridge cannot move the Crescent right now (as the junior officers have locked the engines down and the shields)

Sec/Tac: Firing the shields down or teaming with Science/Ops/Flight to get aboard the Crescent without shooting are options to get aboard. Plus seizing of the Crescent will keep Security busy.

Engineering: This department may think of some creative ways to get aboard the Crescent or reveal certain weaknesses unique to the Constitution class to aid Security in seizing the ship. Further, they can help unlock the engines and undo the damage the Junior officers did to the Crescent .

Ops: The ones who will be able to transport the away team over to the Crescent to seize the ship; be attending to the Crescent's Captain while they are aboard; they will also be able to help re-organize the SS Crescent crew to get it ready to be tractored home. Also will be a great adviser to the laws and regulations involved with this mission.

Mission Submission Archives / Unwelcome - Claimed
« on: May 01, 2018, 01:45:07 am »
Mission Title: Unwelcome

Summary: A staff officer attached to the Chief of Starfleet Operations has been sent to perform an inspection. No security inspection or intelligence inspection of any kind; but, this officer is looking for something wrong, it's their job to find faults, inefficiencies, and either advise the CO of the ship/station of the fault or report the fault to the Chief of Starfleet Operations. They will even go so far as to recommend certain drills to 'help with inspecting the crew in stressful situations without waiting for an actual crisis. By the end,the staff officer inspector provides a copy of the report intended for the Chief before informing them cryptically that the YourShip (if not the sector) needs to be prepared for a large scale operation.

Start Point: Dress uniforms on everyone, time to meet a staff officer sent on official duties by the Chief of Starfleet Operations.
End Point: A report, some recommendations, and a dire warning.

Story Beats

1: Dress Uniforms On: Commodore Priya Vainer arrives aboard the YourShip wearing distinctions and with a small staff to assist them. The Commodore meets with the CO and the rest of the staff for a formal meeting and announcement that they are on a formal inspection mission. Vanier will remain rather stiff and formal with everyone and will point out the tiniest of flaws (expect with those that outrank Vanier -they just get a written memo of 'suggestions for better adherence to starfleet regulations.")

2: Connect with Ops: Vanier arranges to work with the XO and the Department Head of Operations. First though, Vanier personally inspects Operations, well, operations. This is the only time that Vanier is a bit forgiving and understanding of any failings in the department; even going so far as to give suggestions on how to improve. Once the inspection is finished, Vanier enlists the DH of Ops to help inspect the rest of the crew for inefficiencies, failure to adhere to regulations, and other other such failings.

3: You Are Being Watched: Vanier, with the aid of the Operations Department: begins examining and inspecting the operations of each department. Vanier will expect the DH of Ops to give suggestions on what to look for first and will be disappointed if Ops. Vanier and thier helpers will be hovering over the shoulders of the crew watching for any error; if they don't see an error they will first note a problem they see and then inform them of the fault.

4: That's Enough: At some point, a member of the crew is going to snap (NPC or PC) and tell off one of the inspectors (the DH of Operations would be ideal, but lacking that, a snap at Vanier is good too). If Vanier wasn't the one snapped at, they will expect to be informed; if Vanier is snapped at they will remind the offending officer of General Order 4. Once snapped at, Vanier notes the incident and goes to meet with the CO.

5: Random Drill: Vanier recommends to the CO that a series of drills be performed to push the crew into high stress situations so that Vanier can observe them at their duties. This can be a simulated core breech, inertial dampener failures, gravity failing, etc. Nothing a crew of trained officers and crew can't handle: but enough to make them sweat.

6: Do You Remember?: Almost immediately after the end of the the drill, Vanier will summon various officers to question their actions during previous missions; pressing for any fault or misdeed in the past.

7: Vanier meets once again with the CO, as well as any senior staff the CO wants to be present, to report the findings of the inspection and a copy of the report that was being sent to the Chief of Operations. They also warn that the inspection was a preparation from Starfleet Command for a large scale operation in the sector.

Department Overview:
Science: Expected to safely store all chemicals and equipment; maintain all equipment in labs; and fill out reports as required by regulations.

Medical: Safe storage of material; proper lab procedures; not holding crew for non-medical reasons (reduces productivity) etc.
Flight: Proper maintenance of shuttles; following proper flight procedures; and seeking proper relief so pilots will not be too tired at thier station.

Sec/Tac: Proper storage/maintaince of hand/rifle phasers; Proper operation of brig; proper maintainance and storage or torpedoes.

Engineering: Proper storage of spare parts; proper maintenance of warp core and other parts of the ship; safe storage of hazardous materials.

Ops: Proper cargo storage; proper efficient use of crew resources; and other such matters.

All Departments: Act quickly and properly during drill; expected to act as appropriate of their ranks; expected to cooperate with the inspectors and offer any information required.

((Suggest referencing Departmental Duties for what Vanier is looking for))

Archive / True Power of The Hidden Knowledge - Claimed
« on: April 21, 2018, 05:02:04 am »
Mission Title: True Power of The Hidden Knowledge

Summary: On a once long-lost Romulan starship, rests forbidden Vulcan psionic knowledge that was to be destroyed but was instead stolen by Romulans in the 23rd Century. The USS YourShip has discovered the derelict vessel and will unknowingly be exposed to knowledge that could have the Yourship suffer the same horrible fate as the those aboard the Romulan ship.

Start Point: Sensors detect a Romulan Bird-of-Prey, derelict in space and exceedingly far from home.
End Point: The crew must decide if it is best to preserve the knowledge or destroy it.

Story Beats
1: It Begins: The USS Yourship is on a normal patrol/exploration route when they discover a derelict Romulan bird-of-prey far from home. No lifesigns, no appearance of battle-damage, indeed a ship inactive for many years. Any Empaths or psionic species aboard ship feel a deep sense of dread.

2: Abandon All Hope: Boarding the Romulan ship, the Romulan crew is found in a horrible state. Their bodies flung about as if the ships dampeners were inactive as the ship tumbled at impulse speeds. In the cramped space of the older vessel, there was little to protect them. Save for one, a lone Romulan who appears to have merely died of old age, clutching a vulcan data-tape with scratch marks on its cover. (Psionically, the space inside the ship feels oppressive and echoes of what happened here resonate like distant artillery fire promising eventual destruction.)

3: We Who Embrace the Unknown: The Vulcan Data-Tape is brought aboard and examined. As the Yourship continues its investigations, some unlucky soul is Chosen. If there are any empaths or psions aboard: chose from among them first: if none are available then whomever would have prolonged contact with the data tape. (The Chosen will feel compelled to read the data-tapes content at length and thereby unlock the secrets or psionic power overwhelming.) If Empath: their powers are magnified ten-fold suddenly, every thought and emotion is maddeningly clear and loud. If Not-Empath: at first, hearing the thoughts of everyone slowly, like a whisper, building into a crescendo of maddening and deafening thoughts.

4: Beware What You Wish to Know: The crew of the Yourship learns the RomShip's inertial dampeners were functioning fine; the only reason it is derelict is because the core went dark (in other words, it ran out of fuel.) The poor souls were somehow flung about with great force. Then the ship slowly made its way far away from civilization until it finally just stopped. Meanwhile, the Chosen is suddenly and keenly aware of a secret of someone aboard: a secret they had silently wishing to know for a long time: now the Chosen knows: because they invaded the mind of the person who held that secret -and they somehow know they have been invaded. (Best this be someone aboard ship for maximum drama.)

5: You Have No Right To Know: The Chosen or the Invaded confront the other regarding the sudden breach if psychic privacy. The argument heats up (or perhaps the Chosen just gets frustrated) and with a great telekinetic push shoves the Invaded into a wall with great force (badly injuring if not fatally wounding the person.) Meanwhile, the crew learns the last Romulan had gone mad and destroyed his crew in anger. In his solitude he became aware of the crime he had done and set the ship for a course that would keep the "accursed data-tape" away from civilization: lest he hurt someone else or enemies of the empire got their hands on it.

6: Once Chosen, Never Forgot: The Chosen's emotions flare wildly, any amount of anger, frustration, or fear results in a wave of telekinetic power: damaging sensitive equipment and injuring crew. The crew must subdue The Chosen before things get any worse. This is made especially hard since the Chosen is aware of their movements and motives. But in the shouting cacophony of thoughts their own fear may hinder them helping their ship.

7: A Choice: Eventually, the Chosen is subdued and the data-tape recovered. Now all that remains is determining what to do with the data-tape. To preserve the artifact for study or destroy it to keep the Federation safe from its power.

Department Overview:
Science: The derelict ship and its strange data-tape are worthy of great study. The ship is a practical time-capsule to a time long gone for the Romulan Star Empire. Though beware whomever examines the data-tape at too much length.

Medical: It will be medical that can determine cause of death of those board and will likely be instrumental in subduing the Chosen. They will also be the only ones able to suppress the psionic spike of power in the Chosen's mind.

Flight: It will be flight that determines that the vessel traveled this way on purpose and avoided civilized star systems. This ship was TRYING to find the emptiest section of space possible to stop; indeed, flinging itself in to unknown Gamma Quadrant in hopes of never being found again by the Alpha Quadrant.

Sec/Tac: A super-powerful telekinetic and empath menacing the crew? A mysterious scene aboard the derelict ship? Plenty for these poor souls to do; mind the bulkheads.

Engineering: Will determine the inertial dampeners of the RomShip were fully functional and that indeed the RomShip merely ran out of fuel. They also might be exposed to the Data-Tape and be at risk, beware.

Ops: Aiding in arranging the away team and the recovery and itemization of the RomShip's contents. They will also be in communication with Starfleet. Sensors will show the Romulan ship and its strange condition. Optionally, they may receive an urgent message from the Vulcan Academy of Science of the dangerous nature of the data-tape the Yourship found.

Archive / Lock & Barrel - Claimed
« on: April 20, 2018, 07:21:02 pm »
Mission Title: Lock & Barrel

Summary: The crew of YourShip sent to investigate a massive sprawling city on an independent world in the process of seeking Federation Membership. The planet Al'Carra seems like a beacon of of prosperity with its sole megacity of Estoria. However, the Federation suspects the picture is too perfect. The crew of Yourship discovers this in a certain bar known as the Lock & Barrel.

Start Point: After a long stretch of investigating the city, crew of Yourship go into a bar known as the Lock & Barrel to relax for a little while.
End Point: The crew of the Yourship support either the Government or the Patrons or withdraw from the conflict in its entirety.

Story Beats
1: Welcome to the Lock & Barrel: The crew on-planet are made aware of a bar that is not widely advertised but is quietly recommended by various denizens of Estoria.  A seedy bar and lounge full of patrons ready for a fight but seem to be on some sort of agreement to keep peace among themselves. After establishing that the crew are not law enforcement, the bar and its patrons all relax and are quite friendly.

2: Guilt by Association: The CO of the Yourship is confronted by Special Agents of the City's Peace and Safety Bureau (CPSB). Those who were at the bar are suspected of consorting with enemies of the City and are wanted for questioning. Al'Carra is a major trade hub and a strong contact with various merchant associations from around the Quadrant; plus, otherwise the Planet seems a good fit for the Federation, for now.

3: Shooting during Arrest: When on-world, one of the crew is harassed by Special Agents regarding the bar. They begin to use overwhelming force, when patrons of the Lock & Barrel see their new "Starfleet Friends" in trouble and decide to draw weapons and help the crew members. By the end, the crew now is involved in a shooting involving law-enforcement agents.

4: The Powers That Be: The Grand Mayor of Estoria (and thus world-acknowledged ruler of Al'Carra) meets with the CO of the Yourship and their staff to discuss the situation. They are willing to withdraw charges and not prosecute those Starfleet officers involved in the shooting IF information regarding the "criminal elements and their cohorts" the Yourship is aware of is provided in a speedy manner.

5: I Have to Tell You Something: Patrons of the Lock & Barrel (perhaps even those involved in the shooting), by some clandestine means, contact the crew of the Yourship. They claim that the world of Al'Carra is not unified. For years, corruption, blackmail, and outright assassinations have quelled most resistance to the current Grand Mayor and their city council's rule. An underground movement made of former city council members, the downtrodden, neo-anarchists, and street dwellers has been opposing them for sometime. They are all fugitives of the state, but they believe they are fighting against tyranny. They want the Federation to help save their world: or at the very least, deny the Federation application and not assist in the oppression of their world.

6: The Yourship is now faced with a dilemma. The planetary government, for all appearances, seems legitimate. The patrons of the Lock & Barrel are all revolutionaries who claim they wish to overthrow the current government. Ideally, at this point, some members of the crew have ONLY interacted with the government and some have ONLY interacted with the Lock & Barrel. Allowing for some debate on the matter. (Optional, but makes this point more interesting.)

7: The Yourship makes its decision on which side they wish to support, or to chose to support neither side and recommend the world be taken out of consideration for Federation membership. The consequences of any choice are left to the SIMM CO.

Department Overview:
Science: The CPSB will want to work closely with the department to find criminals; members of the Lock & Barrel, despite their seedy appearance are actually rather well read on science journal and tell tales of their work being seized by the Grand Mayor for "Public Safety and Security"

Medical: One of the CPSB agents involved in the shooting will need medical aid only the Yourship can provide. Patrons of the Lock & Barrel suffer a variety of work-place related diseases or show signs of excessive force and physical abuse from law-enforcement tools.

Flight: Shuttlecrafts will be thoroughly searched, scrutinized and queried by the CPSB. Patrons of the Lock & Barrel will want these 'fly-boys' to help them either smuggle people or supplies for their cause.

Sec/Tac: The CPSB will closely work with security to ensure the 'criminal elements' aboard ship and on-world are dealt with; the Patrons of the L&B are especially wary around security guards be will chat happily when revealed not to be working for the CPSB.

Engineering: It will be found that crewmembers are returning with strange tags in thier uniforms; engineering can determine that these are tracking tags covertly placed by the CPSB to track movements on world. Patrons of the L&B will want whatever help can be given to repair various tools and make-shift weapons; some of them will even be gear-heads interested in the technology of the Yourship.

Ops: The CPSB will closely work with the department to see who aboard was consorting with the 'criminal element'; they will also want to know if anything is smuggled from or two the ship. In addition, the Grand Mayor's staff will be need to be constantly calmed until the Yourship decides which side they wish to join.

Any Crew: Interact with the patrons of the Lock & Barrel or with members of the CPSB.

Holodeck Archieves / In The Chill: There Was Peace
« on: April 16, 2018, 01:30:35 pm »
Holodeck - E'Toria Night Simulation Program AD-145 - The Southern Plain

The plains are vast and wide, covered in snow sparkling from moonlight. The snow occasionally dancing to the tempo of the winds, breezing past ever so gently. Standing in the field, bundled up warmly in a soft winter wear of gleaming yet puffy silver; Arrun stands in the field looking up at the moons overhead, one blue and one ever-so-slightly orange. The Bajoran breathed and a white cloud streamed forth into the freezing cold. The coolness coming into him with each intake of breath. Indeed, he was aware of his surroundings, there was no way to ignore any of it, and for once it kept him from dwelling on what was within.

Unlike many Bajorans, Arrun enjoyed the chill, had grown up with it on his birthworld. His parents had painstakingly taught him how to survive the planet's frost and shield himself from its bite. Where others saw a desolate and frozen wasteland, Arrun saw nothing but one of the most serene places in the whole universe. With the clear night sky, the undisturbed snowy plains, and the peace of so few inhabitants: Arrun could not help but feel he could take this peace with him wherever he went; forever in memory.

Arrun had to tell the ship's computer to allow the holodeck to go into the more chiller temperatures than was recommended. The planet of E'Toria just didn't feel right without the bite of the wind. Rationally, Arrun knew he wasn't home, he was a distance upon distance that, as a child, he could have never fully grasped or comprehended. But, for those few moments, Arrun could see the horizon of his planet, his home.

He didn't know how long he stood there, after having perfected the look and feel of the world. How long he stared into the perfectly simulated starry sky of his world. He had set the holodeck to alert him when he had to get back to bed for when the moons set and the sun rose. But for this moment, right now, he enjoyed the peace that his homeland's skies could bring him; even if his own heart was disturbed by certain revelations.

Returning Players Archive / Reactivation Request: Arrun Dihsar
« on: March 26, 2018, 12:34:15 pm »
Arrun Dihsar reporting for duty

Mission Submission Archives / Collision Course - Claimed
« on: September 02, 2017, 01:26:36 am »
Mission Title: Collision Course

Summary: During a supply stop at a Federation Outpost, the Yourship witnesses two Starships collide with each other. One ship takes the brunt of damage and falls into a decaying orbit into a nearby planet. Rather than save the ship and its valuable cargo, the crew prematurely fires off its escape pods and evacuates. The ship is falling but can be saved. The Yourship must hurry to rescue the ship or at least save the cargo; meanwhile the other ship that is still functional is trying to repair its warp engine and is trying to flee from the damage they are at least half responsible for.

Start Point: Yourship is performing a normal supply stop at a Federation Outpost.
End Point: The FallShip and/or its cargo it saved; the FleeShip is stopped from running.

Story Beats
1: Yourship witnesses two ships, the FallShip and the FleeShip collide with each other by accident. FleeShip is sturdy but has damaged engines and cannot fly away right now; the Falling ship is in a decaying orbit and its crew prematurely abandons ship.

2: It is discovered the FallShip has valuable cargo and the ship itself is the livelihood of the crew than abandoned it.

3: The FleeShip's crew is trying to repair its engines and is attempting to escape from any responsibility.

4: Rescued crew of the FallShip can offer minimal advice to save the ship but are scared to do it themselves.

5: Crew of the FleeShip will resist with force but won't fight to the death or anything so crazy.

6: Investigating the cause of the collision the FallShip at fault; FleeShip thought they were at fault and that's why they were fleeing.

Department Overview:
Science: They know what  the cargo is and how valuable it is; they also know how to safely move it.
Medical: Crew on both ships have suffered injured and can use medical help.
Flight: Trained Pilots can help get the Yourship into position; also they can seize control of the FallShip and try to pull it from its decaying orbit; fighting with the FleeShip
Sec/Tac: The FallShip crew needs to be secured; the Fallsip is damaged and the security of an away team is of concern; also, the FleeShip needs to be stopped and possibly boarded for investigation. Also, both crews need to be subject to an investigation to determine why the collision happened at all. Space is a big place, ships just don't bump into each other like that.
Engineering: The FallShip is damaged and is need of emergency repairs if it has any chance of reaching escape velocity.
Ops: Recovery of the FallShip crew needs to be organized and manged; any cargo rescued catalogued and tracked; and personal effects of captured/rescured crew.

Mission Submission Archives / When Technology Gets Advanced Enough...
« on: September 01, 2017, 12:51:21 am »
Mission Title: When Technology Gets Advanced Enough...

Summary: The USS Yourship comes upon a world covered in swamps from pole to pole. Its surface covered in sensor baffling mists and the faintest hints of a primitive civilization. However, the crew discovers some spacer has come to the planet in the guise of some sort of sorcerer who uses high technology the baffle and intimidate the planets many armies to serve him as their overlord. On this planet of mist, the people are being manipulated into a life of servitude and are purposely held back from advancing as a society so they never know the truth of the planet's single invader. The USS Yourship must intervene to save the populace from this high-tech charlatan; keeping Starfleet's General Orders in mind.

Start Point: The USS Yourship comes upon Akar IV to explore and examine the strange swamp-world.
End Point: The Crew of the Yourship exposes the High-Tech Charlatan or otherwise removes them for power.

Story Beats
1: The Yourship arrives at a planet covered in bog, swamp and mist. Life persists, sensors struggle, and a primitive civilization of stone castles and thatch roofs that subsists in the muck and fog. Rumors of a 'magic user' with the power to render any man before him into ash circulate through the people.

2: The people are frightened of their oppressor and would resist if it was thought possible. Armies of good soldiers vanished away; whole castles rendered to rubble in a single beam of light. There simply, in their minds, no way to fight the Magic-Lord.

3: Agents of the "Magic-Lord" come bearing "wands of energy" that fire good old phaser fire.

4: From somewhere within the planet of swamp and mist, an incredibly strong tractor beam slowly drags the YourShip in closer and closer. The power of this tractor is on par with a military space station. Overtime, the YourShip will be forced to land...and swamps are -generally- not the best place for large heavy objects to land.

5: The crew uncovers where the magic-lord resides and their alien ruin that the high-tech charlatan only barely understands. With holograms, high-power tractor beams, and teleporters: this charlatan could have been far more dangerous had he truly known what he had. Though he is more than happy to resist the away team as best as his meager understanding can manage.

6: What to tell the people who live there? What to do with the powerful alien installation? That you must decide.

Department Overview:
Science: Strange world covered in bog with a strange power hidden within. The world deserves some study, but so too the powers of this so-called Magic-Lord.
Medical: An away team beaming down to a civilization that still hasn't gotten to the blood-sucking leeches stage of medicine sounds like a hotbed of good health and sound sense; said no doctor in their right mind.
Flight: The ship must fight the tractor beam to buy the away team more time; shuttles may speed the search or get caught in their own problems with the Magic-Lord.
Sec/Tac: Planet of scared people willing to out the away team to "wands of energy" guards sounds fairly unsafe. Also, the final capture of the Charlatan need some security minded officers.
Engineering: The ship can use all the power it can get to fight the tractor beam, give her all she's got lads. Also, getting a closer look at the alien facility might be something an engineer can ferret out.
Ops: Some fancy transporter work might be needed on a sensor baffling world; also (with TacSec help) probes might aid in finding this charlatan.

Mission Submission Archives / Allergic Reaction - Claimed
« on: August 31, 2017, 01:06:20 am »
Mission Title: Allergic Reaction

Summary: The USS YourShip is adrift in deep space, its crew in a haze of audio-visual hallucinations. A shuttle of the crew, who had been on leave or off-ship business, arrive to find their ship adrift and its crew unresponsive. They must board the YourShip and figure out what happened to the Yourship; if nothing else, to avoid suffering the same fate.

Start Point: Some lucid crew aboard a shuttle discover the USS Yourship derelict in space with a euphoric crew.
End Point: Brought aboard the alien responsible and formulating a method to cure and protect the crew.

Story Beats
1: The Lucid shuttle crew arrives at the derelict USS YourShip and discovers the crew is in a euphoric haze.

2: Efforts are made to get some of the Euphoric crew to help solve the mystery of the ship's plight.

3: The ship is brought closer to full operation and some of the crew is helping (as best they can)

4: Early investigations reveal the USS YourShip met a friendly TradeShip and received an alien who appeared to be in a constant state of eurphoria. Standard supplies and minor personal effects trades were made; with some information exchanged to where the Trader was based out of and their flight plan.

5: Time to find that Trader! Which is easy to say but hard to do given that most of the crew is still in a haze and unable to help run the ship; best case scenario: the ship is at a skeleton crew filled with less-than-helpful crew.

6: Found the Trader! Upon being hailed, the situation being explained, the Trader apologies profusely for the confusion. Their species can, as a sort of defense mechanism, emit a strong pheromone/psychic wave that sends hostile aliens into a euphoria that spreads throughout a small population. On super-rare occasions, this can be done by accident as some species are especially to the lesser form of the "wave" that makes alien species behave a little friendlier toward them in person; a sort of allergic reaction.

7: Trader willing to help, but their ship is currently impounded and cannot depart from its current position. The home stretch involves getting the Trader alien to come aboard somehow. Once aboard, the Trader Alien can help a medical or science team puzzle out a way to cure the crew and develop countermeasures for future "allergic reactions."

Department Overview:
Science: Was it some sort of spacial anomaly? A psychic resonance? And can some sort of counter measure be devised?
Medical: A crew of euphoric people who are non-functional aboard a starship...they need medical attention to tend to accidental self-harm; determining what exactly (medically) is going on in their bodies...and can there be a cure of some sort?
Flight: The YourShip itself dead in space and needs to be brought to flying shape, leave it to the Flight Department to get at least this much done on their own; though, shuttlecraft use can help in surveying nearby space and planets for any sort of sources for the YourShip's fate.
Sec/Tac: The Ship's Safety is compromised by its own crew's state-of-mind; vital systems need to be guarded or locked-down
Engineering: The ship has been made derelict by idle hands and lack of maintenance; the ship needs to be brought to full operational power; plus, euphoric people are not kind to fragile or sensitive objects...
Ops: The ship has been thrown into chaos and little has been attended to on the ship, so they need to get the ship back in order once again; they can also help determine where exactly in ship's operations (timewise) the ship fell apart.

Experimenting with the shorter format. Little out there, but could be a bit of silly fun.

Star Trek Archive / Dream Star Trek Game
« on: August 30, 2017, 03:35:51 am »
So many video games, some even Sci-Fi. Bioware not quite the great company it was in the KOTOR/DragonAge/MassEffect era, and yet no Great Star Trek adventure games.

The kind I remember fondly are the point and click adventure titles they had for TNG and TOS; mainly out of Interplay; and of course the Starfleet Academy game on the SNES console.

So, I ask of you all: what is the dream video game you would like to see be made?

For me, it would be a modern console (and/or PC) release of the Starfleet Academy game. New visuals, covering the new ships, maybe get Janeway and Picard to chime in a line or two; I am sure Sulu or Checkov would love to get in front of an official camera. And with modern day graphics, I think it would look just amazing. If they really must, they could get the Alternate Universe stuff in too. Though mixing in away team missions would be nice.

Alright, going to cheat a little here. I think the other dream game would be a VR game where you not ONLY were on the bridge of a starship but got to move about the ship and go on away missions. Maybe in my lifetime, maybe.


What's yours?

Mission Submission Archives / Hide and Seek
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Mission Title: Hide and Seek
Synopsis: The USS Yourship has been fitted with an experimental sensor suite that can perform long-range scans at 20 light years; about 3 light years farther than any known ship out at space. During a discrete border patrol to test the state-of-the-art system, using long range sensors to just pick out any ships unlawfully entering Federation Space, the Captain of the USS Yourship is sent a Captains-Only priority two message from Starfleet Intelligence. According to verified sources, it has become known that a Dominion Attack Ship has been ship-jacked by unknown forces and is believed to have violated Federation Space near the USS Yourship's position. The Captain of the USS Yourship is being advised of the situation so they can take appropriate action. However, Starfleet Intelligence has not yet fully revealed how much they know about the situation, and the Captain and crew of the Yourship are about to be engaged by an enemy that has managed to influence a member of the crew to betray the ship and the Federation.

Starting Point: USS Yourship, 20 light years away from assigned border. The Captain of the USS Yourship is about to go to sleep when they are woken up with an urgent command-level message from Starfleet Intelligence.
End Goal: The USS Yourship engages the Attack Ship, discovers who among the crew betrayed the ship and why.

Story points that must be passed?:

1) As the night watch begins about the USS Yourship, the ship is sent an encoded priority two message from Starfleet Intelligence. Keyed only for the Captain's security codes. The Captain is informed of the message and is required to use their security clearance to read the message.

2) Given the security clearance required, the Captain has to choose who needs-to-know to respond to the possible threat. The fact that Starfleet Intelligence encoded information indicates they do not want this information know to the entire ship and crew; however, the report did not limit the Captain's powers to inform: only that they, at the very least, were told first and had the option to tell who they wanted to tell.

3) At some point, Ops has to be informed what is going on, that there is a ship far more dangerous than a smuggling freighter or junker pirate ship to be watchful for on sensors. Tactical also needs to be made aware to ensure the crew is ready for a big fight. Even if the ship is a damaged one, a Jem'hadar Attack Ship is still a major threat to any Starfleet vessel. The XO should be brought into the loop too if they are to be of any help to the Captain. However, the more people know, the more likely a certain crew member may catch on that something strange is going on aboard the ship. Research or knowledge of the capabilities of a Jem'Hadar Attack Ship (likely with a functional cloaking device) is incredibly important information; the more prepared and informed the Captain and XO are, the better they will perform later.

4) At some point OPS will discover a strange reading on short-range sensors. An anomaly is producing an incredibly faint energy pulse at a sub-space level. The faster the ship goes, the stronger the pulse; the slower it goes, the weaker it gets. The crew will have to determine if this is of great concern or not; but if ignored will result in the ship being easily detected by the Attack Ship later. The only way to find it is a through level 1 diagnostic of the impulse and warp drives to search for what is causing the energy pulse. In what specific manner or place it is hidden will be left to the discretion of whomever runs this mission. It is a surprisingly simple device, rendered from Federation parts and miscellaneous salvaged parts to create something that would not immediately seem to be a foreign object. Small enough to fit in a pocket and simple enough that following basic schematics any of a starfleet officer could assemble it and some crewman as well.

An engineer will need to examine the device to precisely determine what the device does. In short, the device is a sort of sub-space beacon. Normally, no starship sensor would pick up such a faint signal; dismissing it as background radiation. But if someone where to look for that exact energy frequency: any ship looking for it would be able to detect the ship inside even a heavily obscuring nebula if they moved at any faster than 1/4 impulse. A ship at high warp could detect it and stop short of being detected and then slip into the Yourship's sensor range at a far lower warp without any notice.

5) The device now discovered and understood, those in the know are left with a very sobering thought. The only way a device like that got where it was is if someone put it there. A saboteur who intentionally was trying to give away the Yourship's position. Although it is possible it was implanted during the refit; the anomaly only just activated two days ago; while the Yourship was in the middle of its patrol route; far from reinforcements. Thus an investigation must be launched to see who aboard either planted or activated the device. (At the one who runs this mission's discretion, and relevant characters, the saboteur can be an NPC; a PC; or the device had a built in delay before activation) Everyone aboard is a suspect until the truth of how that beacon was placed on the Yourship.

6) At the mission runner's discretion, one crewman/officer appears to be the saboteur be circumstantial evidence. It is possible this person is the saboteur, the saboteur's backup, a scapegoat the saboteur is framing, or an unlucky crew member who was at the wrong place and time. In any event, the suspect looks to be a perfect fit for the crime they are accused of. Further investigation will need to be done by a JAG officer and a panel of judges will need to be convened for the serious and career ending charge of sabotage. For now, they will have to be held in the brig until the crisis has passed.

7) Unknown to the USS Yourship the USS BackUp, a Defiant-Class ((Maybe another ship in the Task Force?)) ship, has been deployed deeper in Federation Space as a backup ship in case the Attack Ship slips by or destroys the Yourship.

8 ) As the USS Yourship passes through a corridor between two massive sensor and communications obscuring phenomena; Ops detects weapons signature at bearing 135, mark 015, just just barely within torpedo range. The crew of the USS Yourship has mere moments to prepare for Red Alert battle stations. They are under attack from a cloaked ship! It is so far away, it is possible the ship can evade to torpedo or phaser it clean out of space. Upon being struck by, evading, or destroying the torpedo; the USS Yourship loses contact with the hostile ship and is unable to determine where it is currently hiding.

9) Ops detects a tachyon surge at 20 light years ahead on an intercept course at warp. With a bit of sensor analysis it becomes apparent that it is in fact a cloaked Klingon ship. What is strange is that the cloak will only help once they slow down, at such high speeds any Federation vessel and even most standing Star empires would be able to detect a cloaked Klingon ship at that speed. With a bit of thought, it occurs to the officers aboard that they have a cloaked ship behind them and a cloaked ship in front of them. Although the Klingons were allies, it was not unheard of for some foolish warrior or house to get it into their head that the Federation was an enemy to be defeated. There was no way to know for sure quite yet, but approaching a Federation vessel at cloak, in Federation space, was not the act of an ally.

10) Meanwhile at the Backup Ship, they too detect the cloaked Klingon ship moving toward the USS YourShip's patrol area; roughly in the direction of a certain space corridor between two sensor and communication obscuring phenomena.  They were told to watch for a Dominion vessel, not Klingons. USS BackUp has not been cleared to hail the YourShip yet or even to assist. However, he was not in anyway restricted from calling Starfleet Command to clarify what exactly was going on here. He also called for yellow alert; the Captain of the Backup had a really bad feeling about what was going on here.

11)At the USS YourShip, the crew has a serious problem on their hands. The cannot call for help, are wedged between two blinding space clouds, and have a hostile at their back and a possible hostile ahead; with a possible saboteur aboard. Even crew not in the know can tell the ship is getting tense; the senior staff seem grim and serious as if it was wartime. They need to seize the initiative somehow; gain control of the situation; they will just have to get creative with how they will do that; they may even have to violate certain General Orders and Regulations to do it. However, they need to be careful; the only ship that has acted hostile is the one behind them, making threatening behavior toward the Klingon ship ahead will give them an excuse to attack.

12) With whatever crazy idea the ship that came up with the spook the ship behind them from hiding, it makes a lot of erratic movements into torpedo range to avoid the phantom threat the USS Yourship has cooked up. For all their dodging and weaving, they have only made themselves plain and visible to the Yourship; cloak or no cloak. The USS Yourship has a chance to disable or destroy the ship before the Klingons arrive. If the Klingons are friendly, then they'll be impressed; if they are hostile, the odds will be even.

13) The ship suddenly changes energy signature and Ops detects a sensor clone of the USS Yourship! The first volley of torpedoes veer away or self-destruct as per Starfleet regulations (unless Tactical comes up with some quick thinking and disengages the safety protocols in a hurry). Once the Yourship figures out the sensor trick, they can engage and destroy the Jem'Hadar Attack ship (even if they did not mean to, the enemy ship was not in the best of shape and its warp core overloads when the ship suffers enough damage); also, powerful as it is, Starfleet has had a lot of experience and time to adjust to the new ships and knows how to fight them; at least, so long as Tactical was made aware of what the were coming up against. Though, the ability to cloak and mask its energy signature to appear as any number of phenomena is a wrinkle that made fighting this ship that much harder.

14) The USS Yourship can relax a little, the Klingon ship, if it is hostile, is unlikely to attack a Federation ship of the line in a straight fight; even if it does, the crew can at least take a breath before bracing for the next wave of the crisis.

14.5) However, should there be a saboteur aboard (again, mission runner's discretion if there is even one aboard); then evidence turns up revealing, without question, who the true traitor is. As ship's security moves to arrest the traitor, things go sideways and the traitor manages to produce a Type-2 Phaser set to kill; a short fire-fight ensues and the traitor makes way to a critical part of the ship holding a hostage. Things are tense, the ship will be in serious jeopardy if phaser fire hits the wrong things in that room. The traitor was under the influence of Dominion spies who were looking to start a conflict between the Federation and the Klingons. During the war, the traitor worked for them for leniency if they won; incurring some personal benefits along the way. However, when the Treaty of Bajor was signed, they were oddly thought to be free of their shame and betrayal.  However, they were suddenly called upon to set the sub-space beacon and make sure their escape pod got to certain coordinates to avoid being blasted. No-one was to survive the "brutal attack by Klingon aggressors." It was to be a spark that would reignite war or at the very least tensions between the Klingons and the Federation. The beauty of the plan? No changlings involved, just a few well placed bribes, a clandestine message handed off, and one officer who thought they would never have to betray their uniform ever again. The crew must capture or kill the traitor, or risk losing the ship.

15) The Klingon Ship closes to attack range and opens fire on the USS Yourship; using its cloak more effectively at the much slower battle speed. It is unresponsive to hails. Just as the Yourship seems to be in trouble, the USS Backup charges out from the obscuring phenomena; it fires not one shot but instead slips between the USS YourShip and the Klingon attacker to take some of the shots meant to cripple the USS Yourship; while the Yourship gets clean hits on the cruiser. Surprised by the appearance of the BackUp, the Klingon ship ceases fire and slips into the obscuring phenomena itself.

16) The USS Backup has suffered critical hits in its stunt, it is in dire need of assistance to help stabilize its warp core. The USS Yourship must decide if it helps its fellow ship in distress while in a hide and seek battle with a Klingon ship or abandon the USS BackShip and stay on alert footing for the hostile ship. This choice left to the discretion of the USS Yourship and its crew.

17) The Klingon ship returns to continue its fight. This time the USS Yourship is waiting for the attack (or has the limited resources of the Backup. As more combat capable starship with no current contact with Starfleet Command; the Yourship Captain has command and is able to order the BackUp Captain's ship to engage the hostile ship...even though, technically, their last orders were not to engage.) With a bit of tense fighting, the Klingons ship is disabled or destroyed. The Yourship and its crew are finally safe and able to leave exit the corridor and inform Starfleet Command of what just happened.

What DID go on here? Starfleet Intelligence was aware of a possible spy aboard the USS Yourship and of certain intelligence actions in Klingon space. However, it could not risk spreading that information around; and told the USS Yourship Captain what they believed they needed to know. It was not aware of the Sensor Masking capabilities of the ship. However, at the end of the mission they have some good data on the new SOTA sensor suite; a bit of diplomatic clout against the Dominion; and a round of commendations to offer to the ship the USS Yourship.

It is believed that the Dominion informed a group of rogues and mercenaries of the access codes needed to steal the "gifted" attack ship. With the mastermind of the plan, a certain (rogue?) Vorta was able to board the ship and orchestrate a plan to not only start a war between the Klingons and the Federation but to possibly steal a SOTA sensor system as a gift to the Dominion. Starfleet Intelligence knew what danger the Yourship faced, but was confident that with the little information they were given, and the tools they had, they would prevail. Besides, they had the USS Backup to fall back on if all else failed.

Departments: (To make sure everyone has something to do.)
- Flight: Handling the ship during the fighting and getting the ship into position are vital; if the ship goes into the obscuring clouds the FCO at the Helm will have to be very careful in their maneuvering to avoid unwanted collisions. Shuttle pilots may be used to help search for the cloaked ships or used to draw the ships out of hiding. Given the nature of the sabotage, any member of the Flight Department could have placed the sub-space beacon. Absent a Player Engineer, a FCO character could puzzle out what the sabotage device is.
- Engineering: The new sensor suite needs eyes-on to stay relevant and helpful. When the sabotage made known to them, engineers can be vital in not only finding the device but puzzling out what it even is exactly.
- Operations: Someone has to be the eyes of the ship, and Ops has to keep a close eye out for hostiles in this mission. During investigations, Operations knows where nearly everyone while on duty and most of the time off duty as well. they will also be helpful in managing a rescue effort for the USS BackUp.
- Security and tactical: Not only does security have two hostile ships to worry about, but it has sabotage aboard ship to worry about.
- Medical: As the mission gets more tense, the crew will show signs of wear and high stress; the need to be watched carefully to make sure no-one gets too worked up. In addition, during investigations, Medical can be crucial in finding out who was where and touched what. In battle, they will be flooded with injured crewmen to worry about; especially if the USS Backup is given assistance.
- Science: Another set of eyes on the sensors and able to puzzle out many factors of what is going on; they may be instrumental in puzzling out an out-of-the-box solution to finding and understanding the sabotage device; also for figuring out how to get the Attack ship to give itself away.

This is an adaptation from the plot of the Full Motion Video Computer Game Silent Steel; a favorite of mine. Good luck if you want to play it (FMV games of the mid-90s are a pain to get running) and kudos to you if you have! No worries about spoiling the exact events of the game if you wanted to play it for yourself; I may have told you roughly had the story goes, but how to get that path is not always clear; plus, I made some creative changes to get a submarine story to fit a Star Trek episode.

Old Topics / Personal Log - Arrun Dihsar
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Personal Log

So, this is a little intense. When I applied to Starfleet Academy, I honestly was unsure what to expect. I had initially thought to become a chaplain, but that seemed to run counter to what the Prophet's had told me in my vision. Even still, the studies of various alien races and cultures did interest me and I had applied toward the Sciences program. However, during my aptitude tests it seemed I tested much higher for Flight Controller. I trusted my superiors' judgement and applied to the path their metrics suggested; even though they did say I could choose to apply outside the aptitudes. My second aptitude was JAG since I had far too much understanding of Starfleet's Rules and Regulations for any cadet walking in the room.

Computer, pause, retract last sentence, resume.

Anyway, I had thought my path would lead to being a shuttle pilot for a starbase or some distant colony. I had not grown up in a traditional education structure, I knew that. Yet I passed the Academy entrance competition exam on my first try, with barely a stop along the way I suddenly found myself commissioned. That is not to say it was easy. I studied as hard as anyone, some of my professors said way too much.

So, that's fine and great. I mean, I am not the first Academy graduate to work hard and study hard for his commission. I even applied for more ambitious postings in the fleet, as my guidance counselor suggested I do during my final year. I thought maybe I would get a posting on Deep Space 9 or 10 as a shuttle pilot, or any number of postings. My first choice was the USS Athena. I had heard good things about the ship and its crew, the amazing things they had accomplished and the legacy of their senior staff. I even heard the Captain is an Admiral who commanded Task Force Ten Bravo. My guidance counselor was rather pleased with my choice, told me I was worrying too much about being over-ambitious or arrogant. If I made my posting, I made it; if not, then I would get posted somewhere else. Starfleet did not punish the ambitious.

Now, I'm sitting in a shuttle on my way to the Athena.

I was always taught that an Orb experience, when followed and meditated upon, was to listen to the wisdom of the Prophets. That heeding their advice was the path to contentment and prosperity. But, it is one thing to be taught a thing, yet another to teach others of a thing, and a galaxy apart from actually knowing a thing. I am honestly a little frightened how well my life is going right now. Is this what the Emissary went through? The Vedics? The Kai?

<<Distant>> ...hey are you okay back there?

I am fine, thank you. I did not mean to alarm you.

<<Distant>>...we'll be there in about 30 minutes, so relax would ya?

I need to calm down. <<deep and slow breathing>>

Yes, right, resume. So, what was I saying?

That's right, so now I'm on on my way to the Athena. Thankfully they are not on any sort of dire mission that needs me to scramble to my post or anything like that. From the briefing notes I was sent, it looks to be a diplomatic function with a newly encountered alien race. I am to stop by the ship to drop off my things, be in dress uniform, and beam down as soon as I can to deliever my assignment notification to Rear Admiral Lafayette in person...<<muttering>>...even though regulations only require me to report in....<<muttering>>...But yes, I am to show up to the function and address my first Captain, who is an Admiral in command of part of a Task Force. The only way I could be any MORE nervous is if I had to report in to the Emissary...<<muttering>>...or perhaps the Kai, hmm maybe the Federation President...First Minister...<<muttering>>

Oh, right, I left this running...<<muttering>>...gotta stop doing that.

Computer, End Log.

Mission Submission Archives / The Azure Expedition
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Mission Title: The Azure Expedition
Synopsis: An expedition of Federation scientists embarked on a expedition to Natoh IX, a Class L planet whose snow and ice surface reflects the blue skies above like a mirror, about 5 years ago. Their goal, to examine an unknown alien ruin's life support technology that can withstand the intense cold with incredibly minor energy output; which is buried deep underground. The USS Yourship has been sent to check in with these Federation citizens to ensure they are safe and evaluate their research for further Federation support. However, upon entering orbit and hailing the research ship SS Azure, they receive no reply. The USS Yourship must determine what happened to the expedition without becoming victims themselves.

Starting Point: In orbit above Natoh IX, the USS Yourship hails the Azure Expedition's research ship on the surface but gets no reply.

End Goal: Safely evacuate the last scientist with the data they collected before the ruin's tech melts the entire complex down around their heads.

Story points that must be passed?:

1) Contact Attempt: The USS Yourship first attempts to hail the SS Azure and upon getting no reply scans the ship for life forms and finds none. The crew must either beam down or shuttle down to the surface to investigate their ship and determine where the scientists went.

2) SS Azure: The research ship has been abandoned a for 55 days, the away team determines the scientists had been steadily but frustratingly running into roadblock after roadblock. Each new computer console they uncovered, was just an indicator they needed to dig deeper for a computer with yet more access clearance. Even with the replicator aboard the Azure, the patience and hard but meticulous work of digging month after month wore on them. Eventually, some began to camp inside the ruin, rather than listen to the howling winds outside the Azure or be in close company for too long. Further detailed examination of the logs and research data aboard the USS Yourship indicate the expedition had passed over more easily attainment research opportunities and steadily stopped eating regularly to push their work ever faster; with the predictable outcome of the scientists getting more and more agitated and overworked; all for their primary search for the truth of how the ruin's life support worked.

3) Where the Trail Leads: Eventually no more information can be garnered as the entire expedition abandoned the Azure when the team got about 120 feet below the surface of the planet. At which point, they replicated as much supplies as needed for their team to survive for about 50 days. Meaning 20 scientists are below the surface of an alien world so deep communicators are unlikely to work, thus they would neither receive hails from an orbiting ship or be able to enact emergency beam outs. The USS Yourship can only assist so much from its systems, this will require a deep dive into the underground ruin and investigation of where exactly the scientists went, and how many are even alive.

4) Down the Trail: Although the surface of the world is dangerously cold, the alien ruin itself is 310.15 Kelvin. Various strange technology akin large bubble like touch consoles and shades of blue glimmer in the dark breathable caverns. As away teams explore the winding labyrinthine caverns, they will encounter abandoned campsites and equipment, signs of physical conflict and, about 60 feet down, will find graves of two murdered scientists with intense blunt trauma to the back of their skulls. Any consoles investigated will reveal details and layout of the floor, the current life support status (in the language of the user) but will not give any information without a "higher access level".

5) Halfway down: Without special preparations in the form of signal boosting or portable transmitters: comms from the away team will not reach the USS Yourship and thus transporter locks will not be possible. As the away team progresses, they will be attacked by a gang of 10 maddened scientists bearing rocks and spanners. After subduing the scientists, they will mutter in delirium. Medical investigations from a tricorder reveals they have been subjected to some sort of narcotic but only shipboard examinations and bloodwork will fully reveal The Truth (see later). Crew may be injured from the surprise attack, some may seem overly-agitated and exhibit signs of paranoia. Tri-corder scans of the air will reveal nothing wrong with the air; though an air sample taken to the ship for examination will also lead to The Truth. After any injured crewmen and captured scientists are taken away; the crew pushes on in hopes of rescuing the scientists; though how cautious they are will depend on The Truth.

5.5) The Truth: The Alien life support system is malfunctioning due to some aeons old planetary event. Resulting in a strange mix of gases both known and unknown that appear to be breathable air at 310.15 Kelvin but anomalous once more than 20 degrees difference. Bloodwork shows the symptoms get far worse the deeper one goes as the gas is heavy and tends to pool lower. It has a highly negative narcotic effect that drives people exposed to high dosage to paranoia, hyperactive violent tendencies, and inability to rest. Prolonged exposure (two weeks or more) can lead to homicidal rage and brain damage. Without rapid brain surgery treatment, the captured scientists will die of brain hemorrhaging.

6) The End of the Trail: By this point, the concentration of the gas is high: any crewmen without an exosuit or special breathing apparatus will find themselves subject to The Truth of the life support systems. The away team will come upon a scene of chaos, where intense short-range mining laser fights occurred between the scientists only a few hours ago. A large bright azure power core pulses as strange alarms ring out from across the entire ruin. The temperature is rising rapidly as the sole surviving scientist is madly fiddling with the wiring of the energy system and has created a fatal error in the alien system. The entire facility's cooling system is failing and will get so hot it will melt down everything within the ruin with the space of an hour.

7) Escape!: Unless the away team brought along pattern enhancers or a portable transmitter of some kind, it will take a long intense run through the caverns to get at least 60 feet up from their current position and just within comm (and therefore transporter) clarity. Before they flee, there are certain matters to consider: 1. The scientists have discovered a way to make life support systems 50% more energy efficient but only madly scribbled their finding across their individual PADDS. Either the physical collection or download of all the data will net any usable data. 2. The sole survivor is badly wounded and needs emergency treatment to be moved safely in a hurry; the other four dead or dying scientists will need to be carried away if they are to be saved. 3. The sole survivor is tucked into the high energy plasma wiring of the core and is irrationally hostile to the away team and armed with a mining laser that is very unkind to organic material at contact range. 4. If the away team takes too long, many if not all of the away team will be caught in the catastrophic meltdown of ruin.

Departments: (To make sure everyone has something to do.)
- Flight: Shuttle pilots could land near the entrance to the ruin to act as a relay amplifier for the away team. Some Flight Controllers can be part of the away team to assist in examining the Azure or assist engineers in puzzling out the alien technology.

- Engineering: Engineers are can determine that the life support systems are functional; they can help in the investigation of the Azure; if they are at the Escape! they can pull some patented Engineering miracles to buy the away team time to escape; with some intense study they may come close to the same conclusions the scientists did about how to make life support more efficient (perhaps able to identify that an energy core is required to be examined to complete the theory)

- Operations: The away team needs to be beamed down; as the mission progresses to delve into the ruin will need special supplies to maintain sanity; the collection and inspection of the recovered scientists' research materials; at the Escape! stage transportation in hurry will be vital.

- Security and tactical: The away team's safety will need to be assured; at Halfway down security will be best used to fend off the sudden attack.

- Medical: Needed to uncover The Truth; give emergency away team medical treatment; perform brain surgery to safe any recovered scientists; help any away team members who were exposed to the gases of the deeper ruins.

- Science: Needed to uncover The Truth; is able to decipher the conclusions the scientists slowly came to in their research expedition; able to identify the PADDs at the Escape!  as such vital.

Mission Submission Archives / Raid of Paradise
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Mission Title: Raid of Paradise
Synopsis: The crew of the USS Yourship are enjoying shore leave on Risa when a trio of Orion Syndicate pirate ships warp into orbit and strafe the compound most of the crew are trying to enjoy. Several buildings are destroyed or otherwise severely damaged; numerous other visitors and some of the crew are badly injured or beamed away; and the USS Yourship is the only vessel currently in orbit. Who has been hurt or kidnapped? Why did the Orions perform such a bold attack? How will the crew of the USS Yourship handle this Raid of Paradise?

Starting Point: The USS Yourship is in orbit performing routine diagnostics while many of the crew are on Risa enjoying themselves. Just before the attack.

End Goal: The USS Yourship rescues any would-be slaves, and discovers a new threat from within the Orion Syndicate.

Story points that must be passed?:
1) Before the Raid: Have some fun! Hit the waves, enjoy the sun, maybe some indoor sports. Get comfortable and perhaps advance some social links between each other or some of the local Risans. Some may be still aboard the USS Yourship helping with the diagnostics or managing a crew eager to enjoy Risa for themselves.

2) During the Raid: The USS Yourship is at first surprised by the sudden warp in of three strange ships racing toward the planet. With alarming speed the trios weapons power up and the crew must race to halt any Diagnostics or maintainance work and prepare battlestations. Meanwhile, those on planet are caught up in the fly-by raid, witnessing thier fellow crew and some of the Risans vanish as they are beamed away; while some are present in buildings and rooms that are struck with ship-to-ground phaser fire. In the chaos those on planet have to render what aid they can and prepare to be beamed back to their ship. (OPTIONAL: The Captain can be badly injured or kidnapped themselves to force the XO to take command; some of the crew can be kidnapped and somehow deal with their captivity and escape attempts.)

3) After the Raid: The USS Yourship has gotten to battlestations and can detect the havoc wrought on the pleasure planet. They begin to close with the trio of raiders who recklessly warp from just within atmosphere. The crew is left a medical crisis of many injured and dying, including crew; but also the duty to pursue and rescue those who had been kidnapped before they disappear into the slave trade.

4)Duty to Pursue/Medical Crisis: The USS Yourship must decide how much effort is put toward aiding the Risians and pursueing the Orion pirates. Those left on planet might be able to discover if anyone on planet knows why the Orion Syndicate attacked Risa or if anyone of special note was visiting; while managing a crisis alongside Risan Emergency Services. Those pursueing the Orions have to chase the Orions at high warp and quickly try to stop or board the ships to rescue the captives. (OPTIONAL Pt.II: If any crew have been kidnapped, they have a ship full off mean and surly slavers to outwit and overcome to aid in thier own escape while protecting the other captives.)

5)It All Comes To A Head: The USS Yourship has rescued captives from at least two ships, while the third pushes its engines past dangerous limits in an attempt to outrace the Yourship. Some captives are hurt, many are outright scared. And if the last pirate ship continues the way it is, it is likely to overload its warp core. Meanwhile, those on planet will likely have gotten most of the planet situation under control and discovered an Orion Syndicate Boss had been discreetly vacationing and has been killed during the raid. They may even find one of the Boss's lovers or soldiers who speak of a reckless but rising star of the Orion Syndicate is actually behind the attack and has likely seized power of the Boss's men and ships. (Optional Pt. III: By now, all or some of the crew has been rescued and had some nasty fighting with the pirates or possibly sneaking around being saboteurs to help the Yourship rescue them. There maybe some crew still on the last of the three ships; if so, it is audibly obvious the ship is overworking its engines and they need to hurry and stop this ship if they want to survive.)

6)The Final Cut: The USS Yourship has a prolonged but delicate firefight at warp speed to bring the last Orion Syndicate Pirate ship to a halt. Those still on planet are aiding the local authorities to put the relevant witnesses into protective custody when they are attacked by New Boss Orion Syndicate members who had been waiting to see who snitched to the Federation. Many of not all the witnesses are killed in the attack while the Yourship crew helps defend the last witness to testify. (Optional Pt. IV: The ship is stopped, but the crew and captives still aboard cannot be beamed out due to interference of the overloading warp core. It is a race to the escape pods or to stop the core from overloading.)

7)It Ends: The USS Yourship has captured/destroyed the last Orion Syndicate pirate ship, investigations of sensor readings and interrogations of captured pirates indicate the New Boss was not on any of the ships, but every one of them is scared that their failure will lead to severe punishment. The planetside crew have gotten their witness into safe custody and are finally able to let the local authorities handle matters until thier ship can come back for them. (Optional Final: Those still left have either been beamed back to the Yourship or are examining the ship that manged to evade Starfleet listening posts and nearly outright a Starfleet starship. This is a harbinger of dire things to come from the Orion Syndicate.)

Departments: (To make sure everyone has something to do.)
- Flight: Shuttle pilots may be asked to help in the fighting against the smaller craft of the pirate ships; help the Yourship chase the pirates at warp; others may be using shuttles to aid the Risians in their crisis by becoming makeshift ambulance shuttles.
- Engineering: The Yourship was in the midst of some important diagnostics and maintenance routines. Going from near-dead to high-speed chase is not good for a starship and they must keep the ship fighting fit while in a warp speed battle.
- Operations: Beaming up injured crew members; beaming down medical teams; beaming up captives from pirate ships. Uses computer systems to help pinpoint unique weak points in the pirate ships that will lower shields but not damage the warp core. Also, helping manage the crisis relief efforts on Risa and ensuring enough supplies are brought down to be of help.
- Security and tactical: Helps maintain order on Risa after the attack; helps in the ship-to-ship fight; boarding of the pirate ships to help the captives or capture the ship; can help with the assassination attempts on Risa.
- Medical: Emergency medical services to the Risians and the crew; some surgery done aboard ship; EMS on planet to assist.
- Science: Can examine sensor readings of the Orion ships to determine how they were able to warp past Starfleet listening posts; examine the buildings damage to determine the reason for where they were hit; examine the ships for methods to get aboard through the shields.
- ANY: Be part of the captured crew and help the other captives escape or sabotage the pirate ships.

Applications Archive / Arrun Dihsar - Reporting In (Aug 25th 2017)
« on: August 25, 2017, 04:38:44 am »
Character Details

Character Name: Arrun Dihsar
Character Age: 25
Character DOB: 2370
Character Image:
Character Species: Bajoran
Gender: Male
Character Family: Farr Dihsar (Father), Aprel Dihsar (Mother, formerly Aprel Lata)
Character Bio: Born from an isolated Bajoran colony that was exceptionally cold and distant from Bajor itself. Arrun was brought up with parents who had served in Starfleet, who both were not very spiritual themselves and were instead focused on maintaining the colony and ensuring the resources gathered there were efficiently and safely gathered. Starfleet protocol maintained a sort of order and smoothness in the colony. Growing up with Starfleet parents, the history of the Federation's Starfleet was just a common story as any tale of the Prophets and the Bajoran people.

Unlike many Bajorans, Arrun's mere distrust of Cardassians pales in comparison to most of his people. For him, the occupation was a distant struggle and the reason his family could not live safely on Bajor or its nearby colonies. Eventually Arrun was old enough to travel the stars on his own and made his first destination Bajor; when Arrun moved to his people's homeworld, he spent much of his time educating himself on their struggle and embracing his faith in the Prophets. Taking up the path of the priesthood and secluding himself in prayer and service at the age of 18.

At age 25, Arrun's spirituality was informed by an orb experience aboard DS9 that led to Arrun turning away from his religious order to enroll in Starfleet to see and experience the galaxy at large. To him, Starfleet is a vocation that Prophets have laid out for him. That said, he has struggled with the various challenges to his beliefs and teachings he garnered. However, Arrun has opened his heart and mind to the Federation.

Your Details

Previous Role-Playing Experience: Various Tabletop RPGs both new and old; LARPs of the Whitewolf "Mind's Eye Theatre" tradition; play-by-post RPGs of free-form and various systems.
Department Preference: Flight Control
Secondary Department Preference: Operations
Commissioned, Enlisted or Civilian: Commissioned

Sample post:
[Bajoran Temple, Promenade, Deep Space Nine]

Standing before the temple entrance, Arrun Dihsar stood silent as the promenade slowly wound to a halt and trickled away the last people with business that coming night cycle. Arrun stood there long enough for the temple's attending priest to step out and ask if Arrun was indeed ready.

"Honestly, I do not know, but this I must do to ensure I walk the path of the Prophets,"  whispered Arrun.

The priest nodded and waved him into the temple. Within, Arrun slowly and reverently approached the case upon the altar. For all the incense, soft light, and empty solitude: Arrun could not help but stare at the case that held the Orb. Arrun had spent so long merely hearing of such things, spent so long studying such things, and now was somehow given the rare gift of viewing one. In his reverie, he began to lose all track of time. He was afraid, having been so far from his people and their teachings for so long, could he possibly be unworthy of the path he had chosen?

He sighed as if releasing a deeply held breath, "There is only one way to find out."

Without another moment wasted, he approached the altar and swung open the case.

Additional information: Maybe a little obvious, but been watching Star Trek since TNG, and a huge fan of the series from TV, Movie, and video games. Other note, I admit I have not played freeform PBP for some years, but I am excited to jump into the Shadow Fleet.

How did you find Shadow Fleet?
Heard about this on CortexPBP and was excited to hear about a Star Trek PBP.

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