Our Fleet: Task Force 10

Currently, the fleet is made up of two Task Groups, all contained by a larger Task Force. Our two Task Groups are Task Group Alpha and task Group Bravo, stationed around the galaxy. Task Group Alpha includes the Prometheus-class USS Discovery, the Starbase-type Deep Space Station Columbus, and the Trailblazer-class USS Challenger. This task group is under the command of Admiral Malcolm Adeyemi.

Task Group Bravo is the second grouping of ships that we play. It contains the Intrepid-class USS Athena, the Galaxy-class USS Tempest, and the Sovereign-class USS Shran. This Task Group is under the command of Admiral Julia Rellek.

The Admiralty
Board of Admirals - Shadow Fleet
Admiral Assignment
Admrial Kirok Fleet Commanding Officer, Shadow Fleet
Rear Admiral Lower Half Malcolm Adeymei Task Group CO, Task Group Alpha
Rear Admiral Lower Half Julia Rellek Task Group CO, Task Group Bravo

Task Group Alpha
Task Group Alpha - Shadow Fleet
Ship Class Registry
USS Discovery Prometheus-Class Escort Cruiser NCC-78393-A
Starbase Columbus Citadel-Class Deep Space Station DS-298
USS Challenger Trailblazer-Class Exploration Cruiser NCC-78393-A

Task Group Bravo
Task Group Bravo - Shadow Fleet
Ship Class Registry
USS Athena Intrepid-Class Light Explorer Refit NCC-21415-A
USS Tempest Galaxy-Class Exploration Cruiser NCC-71863
USS Shran Sovereign Block II-Class Exploration Cruiser NCC-78393-A

Starfleet Academy
Starfleet Academy - Shadow Fleet
Course Instructor Link
Academy Commandant Commander T'Ra Jones Course Overview
Command Officer Training Instructor Admiral Julia Rellek Course Overview
Flight Control Instructor Lieutenant Commander Ian Galloway Course Overview
Science Instructor Commander T'Ra Jones Course Overview
Medical/Counselling Instructor Lieutenant Commander Lizzie Vaughan Course Overview
Engineering/Operations Instructor Commander Kyle Briggs, Lieutenant Commander Caelene Tam Course Overview
Security/Tactical Instructor Lieutenant Katheryn Carter Course Overview
Enlisted Persons Course Instructor Senior Chief Petty Officer Jada Course Overview

Shadow Fleet Corps of Engineers
Shadow Fleet Corps of Engineers
Role Name
Site Owner: Kirok
Site Adminstrators: Kirok, Julia Rellek, and Malcolm Adeyemi
Server Technical Staff: Dylan Torngate
Head of Media and Recuritment: Kirok
Site Graphics Designer: Naira
ID Card Creation Team: Naira and Solluk
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